Windows Install Source Registry Key

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Windows 2000, XP and 2003 use a Registry setting to determine where to obtain installation files, and where Service Packs were installed from. The former is used for installations from CD, and the latter is used for when the system needs to automatically obtain updated files from the service pack, so the user doesn't have to provide the files manually. There are many scenarios where you may need to manually edit where Windows expects to find its installation files. One of the most common is when Windows is deployed using files on a network share, which is then later taken offline.

Mar 29, 2017 Describes how to edit the registry to specify the location of the Windows Installation files and the. The Windows Setup source path will be the. If the application includes an installation log then it may contain the source path for the install files but the chances are slim (I've checked the install log for Firefox and it has no mention of the source file) as such I'm. Some installs will create a registry key 'InstallSource' with the uninstall information here. I'm using the following key: [HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion App Paths excel.exe]. If the folder name contains Office12, you've got 2007. I'm using this method to decide during installation to install Office 2000-2003 addins or Office 2007 addins, as well as the folder to install them to. Registry Keys for Tweaking Windows Update. Downloaded and the user will be notified of installation. Lot more registry keys related to Windows.

If you try to replace system files via the System File Checker (SFC) utility (i. Igi 5. e., SFC /SCANNOW), Windows will search in vain for the installation path and fail. Other problems can occur if Windows was installed via a custom-built CD with a directory structure that's different from the manufactured CD. If you install with one and then try to add components with the other, Windows may not be able to find everything if you use SFC. Look for the following values to edit as needed: • Installation Sources (REG_MULTI_SZ): This lists all of the possible locations for Windows to check for installation files, each on its own line.

If you want to add new locations to check for installation files, provide them here. Network paths are allowed. (If you're using Windows 2000, you must use RegEd32.exe to modify this value. Samsung Galaxy S3 Photo Editor Apk Download there. ) • SourcePath (REG_SZ): The default location where Windows checks for an installation CD.

This is by default a path to the first CD-ROM drive (i.e., E: ), and can be changed to point to a new path or a directory share if needed. • ServicePackSourcePath (REG_SZ): The default location where the last Service Pack was installed from. This is generally set automatically when a Service Pack is applied. • ServicePackCachePath (REG_SZ): The location where Service Pack files are cached and held so they can be copied out as needed -- for instance, if new hardware drivers or system components are installed. This is generally set automatically.

Windows Install Source Registry Key