Versacheck M300 Printer Driver

Apparently they aren’t done. A year since the 1st post and they’re still at it. Got the letter after posting a resume to Craigslist. I bypassed a reply and yim’d him myself. This is the exchange. Melanie kay Mccall:My name is Melanie, I just received your email. I’d like to know more about your business.

Am I to purchase the software and the papers and envelopes myself, then begin working for you? What about postage? Entrepreneurship Training Manual Ppt Presentation.

Versacheck M300 Printer Driver

Sep 15 1:09 PM bradscot222:Thanks for getting back to mewhat do you want ot know.Can you get the Software and the check papers and the postage will be provided to youyou will be using our fedex account to mail the list out to clinet or UPSokay Sep 15 1:09 PM bradscot222:you don need to worry about the Postage Sep 15 1:12 PM Melanie kay Mccall:Am I to understand that you want me to invest in a piece of software, along with other supplies with usually provided by an employer prior to meeting with or seeing a prospective employee. What is the usual cost of the items required? Sep 15 1:13 PM bradscot222:The cost is $100 Sep 15 1:14 PM bradscot222:do you have a printer? Sep 15 1:14 PM Melanie kay Mccall:I do. Sep 15 1:14 PM Melanie kay Mccall:Where would I be able to purchase the software? Sep 15 1:16 PM bradscot222:you can go to the store and get it or go to walmartand how old are you and you did not reply back the email i send to you Sep 15 1:16 PM Melanie kay Mccall:Would there be any actual accounting on my end or would I simply be able to fill in the proper amounts and print?

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Sep 15 1:16 PM bradscot222:yes i will guide you through when you have the software.okay. Sep 15 1:18 PM Melanie kay Mccall:That’s correct, I not reply, you included your messenger information and thought a quick response would net faster information. Sep 15 1:20 PM Melanie kay Mccall:As this is a work from home based business opportunity you must understand my skepticism when I am asked to make a purchase so quickly. Sep 15 1:20 PM bradscot222:Oh okay.send the information..

Sep 15 1:20 PM bradscot222:i understand you Melanie.But just want to know if you will be able to get the materiasl and when.? Sep 15 1:22 PM Melanie kay Mccall:I could probably make the purchases over the weekend. Is there an office that I can visit, or a website for your company where I can learn more? Sep 15 1:23 PM bradscot222:okay yes there is a website and okay not a problem and do you reply back with your information Sep 15 1:24 PM bradscot222:here is the name of the company Sep 15 1:25 PM bradscot222:THE PAYCHEX INC® Sep 15 1:26 PM bradscot222: Sep 15 1:27 PM Melanie kay Mccall: Thank you, I was just on the site checking it out. It looks like their hiring process is laid out there.

Why are you not going through that process? Sep 15 1:30 PM bradscot222:i am the one that you are to contact cause i am the employe manager and what happen was that the last person ran away with the company money and in all what you u have to be honestre going to do.y Sep 15 1:30 PM bradscot222:okay Sep 15 1:32 PM bradscot222:i am the one that you are to contact cause i am the employe manager and what happen was that the last person ran away with the company money and in all what you u have to be honest Sep 15 1:34 PM bradscot222: Sep 15 1:35 PM Melanie kay Mccall:I’m going to think this over for a while.