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I was a darksider on my 1800 vtx:icon_rolleyes: put about 15,000 on it a little over a yr of riding:icon_cool: but went back to the mc tire( cant rember what I put on but it was what most of the vtx riders were using). Mogali Rekulu Serial Episode 100 Family Guy. The ct was just not for me ride a couple of construction zones an wow wake up call:icon_redface. Rode the dragon with it just not comfortable went back a yr later with my wife as a passenger with a mc tire felt like valentio rossie:lolup: ok maybe not valentino but felt a lot more controllable a lot of riders tried it an liked it i'm just not 1 of them.:bs. I thought some of you considering DS might find this interesting: You can type in whatever tire size you are considering and get a comparison. For the record I ran a Bridgestone Potenza 195/55R-16 on my Vision when I had it DS. Same size rear tire as a Goldwing. Some guys ran the 185/55R-16 even though it was a little shorter.

It offered a little better sidewall clearance if running a hitch. Teach: Thanks for the great info. The calculator tool should make tire selection much easier! Just put on the Hankook H426 Optimo 195/60-16 on my brothers bike and will do likewise with mine as soon as this OEM Bridgestone wears down. We used the Hankook tires on the ST1300 and really liked rounded edges. Tried the Goodyear but it had a really square footprint.

How To Find Sky Router Serial Number on this page. Anyway back to the Hankook. Right now at 44 psi with full luggage and really hard riding.

Unbelievable wet traction and great contact patch in hard FAST sweepers. This tire should get +25k miles of hard use before replacement. Just a personal note.I have used the CT on a number of bikes and would not go back to a MC tire on the rear if you gave them to me for free.

The vast majority of what I read about CT's are good reviews. Especially if you're going straight down a road, But how does a rear CT perform through twisty curves as compared the MT which is much more rounder? Better control with a MT or what. Is it harder to lean the bike with a CT? Seems to me a round tire would have more rubber contact which equals better grip compared to a CT.or am I wrong? I just read this, it may provide some insight from the tire and motorcycle industry: I'm considering adding the F6B to my current collection of one motorcycle, but will more than likely stay on MTs when the time comes to replace tires. Those touring tires will seem like they last forever compared to the tire life I'm used to getting on my Hayabusa over the years.