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Logo of the franchise Country of origin United States Japan Original language(s) English Japanese Launched in 1984, 's toyline was promoted through both a comic book by and an animated series produced by and. Although the comic outlived the animated series by a number of years, the animated series is more widely recognised. Adobe Muse Media Queries Iphone. With the original show's conclusion in 1987, original series exclusive to Japan were created which ran until 1990, and the franchise was later re-imagined with the fully CGI in the late 1990s. The 21st century saw a total reboot of the Transformers universe (first being 's produced Car Robots, imported and called for Western release as ), as Hasbro collaborated with Japanese Transformers producers Takara to create a new storyline with and its sequels, produced in and then dubbed for English-speaking audience.

Transformers Prime Optimus Prime Bumblebee Megatron Arcee Ironhide Truck 11 Vehicle Robot Car Toys. Mar 12, 2013 Transformers: Prime HINDI Episodes. Relics from Cybertron buried on Earth with the Transformers fighting over each new discovery which ultimately leads.

In 2008, saw Hasbro take control of the franchise once more through collaboration with, bringing writing duties back to America, with animation being handled by Japanese studios. Hasbro also reacquired the distribution rights to the original series from Sunbow finally giving them the complete rights to the series based on their Generation 1 toy-line.

For the series, see. For a list of episodes, see. After the did away with regulations that prohibited toy companies from broadcasting cartoons based on their products in 1985, The Transformers began with a three-episode miniseries that introduced audiences to, and their armies, as they travelled from the metal world of to in search of new sources of energy. The final episode ended on an open note, should the series prove popular enough to continue, which it did. A standard season's worth of 13 more episodes was commissioned, expanding the Transformers universe in which the, and (then later called Skyfire in the series) made their debut.

With popularity rising, the second season soon followed in 1986 at a mammoth 49 episodes (in order to bring the total up to 65, for ). Dozens of new characters were introduced throughout the season, including the, the combining teams the,, and, and more new Autobot cars and Decepticon planes, while many new ideas and concepts began to establish the history of the cartoon universe.

These 65 episodes were exported to Japan in the same year, where their airing order was rearranged and the series was broadcast under the title of Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers. An exclusive to Japan entitled was released which cast focus on the combining teams and introduced,,,, and Blaster's cassettes. This video does not perfectly fit into the continuity of the American series due to its different origin story for Trypticon (known as Dinosaurer in the Japanese version). 1986 marked a huge change for The Transformers with the summer screening of, which jumped the action forward in time twenty years to the then-future of 2005 and pitted both the Autobots and Decepticons against the menace of the giant planet-eating robot,. Mitsubishi Engine Serial Number Lookup.

Optimus Prime met his end at Megatron's hands, and briefly replaced him as a leader before being succeeded by, while Megatron himself was recreated by Unicron as. Many more of the old guard fell in battle as their toys departed store shelves to make room for a new cast of characters created for the film. 1986 also saw the start of the third season of the animated series, which took its cue from the film, picking up precisely where it had left off with Rodimus in command and the Decepticons in exile with Galvatron missing. The season opened with a five-part miniseries entitled Five Faces of Darkness which saw Galvatron return and brought to prominence the, multi-faced aliens introduced in the movie who were revealed to be the creators of the Transformer race, and who became a recurring third factor as the season continued through its setting of 2006. The addition of as story editor saw a strong sci-fi aspect infect the season as the Transformers' battles spanned many alien planets, while continuity between episode was tighter than ever before as plot concepts were revisited and expanded to truly flesh out the show's history.