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This is a list of Bollywood Movies that have latest released. Get latest Bollywood Torrent and celebrity news, Bollywood HD movies reviews and trailers. One of these creations, 9. The Tomatometer rating – based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics – is a.

Reviewed by planktonrules Vote: 7/10 I was looking forward to seeing 9, as I had already seen the original short film (also called 9) and wanted to see what they could do by expanding upon the story. Well, after seeing this full-length film, I can certainly say I liked the computer generated for the story, well, it left a bit to be desired. And the problem is that I can't strongly recommend the film, but if you don't see it in the theater, then you'll probably like the film less because the graphics are THE film. The story is set in an alternate reality. While some of the features look very much like Earth, many of the details are different.

There's been a war raging and tanks are definitely of the WWI variety while airplanes are of the WWII style--yet there are also very modern holograms as well. As for the leader, there is some similarity to a fascist dictatorship, but this guy sure ain't Hitler, Mussolini or Franco. It's like Earth, but not our Earth. Oddly, while I could accept this, in this alternate reality there apparently IS a Judy Garland and the song 'Over the Rainbow'--an odd blending of the real and the fanciful. Most of the story, you have no idea what led to this ruined world that is now devoid of all life--no animals, no people.not even bugs. Slowly, some of the details of this apocalypse come out.but never is there ever a full explanation as to what happened and why--just a dribbling of information here and there.

What you positively know is that instead of living beings, there are a group of very small and oddly designed burlap covered dolls--with very high tech eyes. Why these dolls are there and their purpose is unknown to them, but some are just happy to hide and avoid the hellish mechanical creations that inhabit the rubble as well. As for the burlap creatures, this is a shortcoming in the film. While 9 is the 'designated hero', he and the rest of them really don't have any personality and a few of them seem like story cliches (such as the 'strong and plucky female').

So, when one dies you are left wondering what made that one any different than the one that was killed moments earlier or you are left feeling a caricature died--not something tangible. No real character development occurs nor are their motivations particularly clear throughout the film. Nor, for that matter, does the story answer many questions at all. So, provided this doesn't bother you and you don't mind a vague story with vague characters, you'll enjoy the film very much--it certainly is a visual delight.

If you demand clarity, then I suggest you see another film. Reviewed by captelephant Vote: 6/10 9 is better than average. But only barely. The movie is carried by a unique visual style and a great sense of 'place.' The sack-men (and woman) are refreshingly odd and fun to watch.

The post-apocalyptic city is consistently beautiful and dangerous. Desolate without feeling dull.

Unfortunately, the story and characters ARE dull. Not crushingly so. But enough to frustrate. Frequent, obvious plot holes and violations of established world-rules pulled me out of the movie over and over again. Tired cliches abound.

I wasn't able to shake the feeling that I'd seen and heard this all before. And that's a shame because there's a lot of potential here. If only the writer had taken more chances.

Why not challenge the audience and defy expectations? Why make a movie that's too scary for kids but too simplistic for adults? Who is expected to enjoy it? I would watch another Shane Acker movie if one is made (hopefully after he's picked a target audience). But 9 is not a classic.

That said, it's probably worth watching on the big screen just for the sights and sounds. Coin Hack Whirled Crossword on this page. Once again, form over function. Reviewed by sketchball90 Vote: 5/10 I might have had my expectations too high when I walked into the theater. I hadn't done any reading and was under the impression that Tim Burton had directed it. So when it became obvious 5 minutes into the movie that once again I was going to be subjected to big budget stylistic environments and effects sans any kind of real mental engagement, I was pretty disappointed. There were so many problems with this movie I don't really know where to begin without rambling. So instead I'll just say that the 'good' is all about the visuals.