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I recently acquired the Hendrix Family remastered lp of Electric Ladyland, and I have to say that it has the most amazing quad mix of any lp I have heard. Prior to this I was listening to the MCA cd, which contains the same mix, but the remaster blows it away for pure sonic experience. From what I've read, Hendrix recorded Electric Ladyland in an early quad matrix format, probably EV-4. Whatever, this album is a virtual quad demo, particularly the opening guitar effects, Voodoo Child slight return, and all of side 3 (1983). It decodes fine in RM, but I find it works superbly in SQ through the Tate, as well as though a Pro Logic II decoder. When I want to impress my friends with the wonders of quad, this album really does the trick.

I'm no authority, but it is my understanding that Jimi was experimenting with out-of-phase effects for enhanced stereo performance and not doing so specifically for quad. I don't believe that Jimi intentionally meant for “Electric Ladyland” or any of his other music to be played in quad. I mean, play Purple Haze through a matrix decoder.

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Jimi Hendrix Discography (19 albums, 31 CD's, covers) 2017 - Albums:1967 - Are You Experienced?1967 - Axis- Bold as Love1968 - Electric Ladyland1969 - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (bootleg)1970 - Band Of Gypsys1972 - Hendrix In The. Download Torrent mp3 Free - 1968 - Electric Ladyland.

This album, recorded in 1967 and well before any hint of quad, has loads of out-of-phase information and decodes quite amazingly! I mean, the separation is phenomenal, but the mix is way off, with vocals being discrete in the rear channels. It sounds crappy and cool at the same time! I’ve listened to “Electric Ladyland” through a matrix decoder myself. Most of it sounds quite good, but there are parts that sound kind of funky. It is my opinion that this record was not some “secret” quad recording but most of it does sound quite spectacular through a matrix decoder. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that just because an LP sounds good or decodes discretely through a matrix decoder does not mean that it was intended to be a quadraphonic recording.

Most of the time these turn out to be happy coincidences. Speaking of happy coincidences, check out the Dead Can Dance album 'Into The Labyrinth'. This one is scary bloody good through a matrix decoder (especially Sansui vario-matrix).

Durable Software Dura Print Wristband. I'm trying to find the website that discussed the recording of this lp to post the link. As I remember, it specifically described Hendrix using a quad matrix encoding on the mix. There was an early quad matrix system being experimented with in the mid to late sixties, I believe Electro Voice was demonstrating it, and Hendrix was implementing every bit of new technology that was available in the newly built Electric Ladyland studio.