Tha Carter 3 Download Zip

The Internet Archive is a bargain, but we need your help. Donor challenge: A generous supporter will match your donation 3 to 1 right. Tha Carter III. Listen to this classic album from Lil Wayne titled “ Tha Carter 3 “. Released on June 10, 2008 via Cash Money Records. Full stream available below.

Tha Carter 3 Download Zip

What he does • 2. Diamonds and girl feat. Currensy • 3. Something you forgot • 6. Mack maine • 7. I know the future (prod.

By matlock) feat. Mack maine • 8. Scarface • 10. Time for us to fuck • 12.

Beat without bass • 13. When you see me feat.

Money ova here feat. Hardbody • 16. I feel like dying • 17. Prostitute fling • 18. Get out • 19.

Im a beast • 20. Did it before (prod. By kanye west) • 21.

The perfect man • 23. Clap Your Hands Poem Video Download.

How Tha Carter III came to be 'the most anticipated rap album of 2008' is a story that involves the usual delays and promises of a masterpiece, plus a whole lot of bullet points that could only exist in the absurd world of. There's his complete annihilation of the mixtape game, the ridiculous amount of guest shots he granted since made him a hip-hop superstar, that photograph of him kissing his mentor,, rumors of addiction to the sizzurp, plus the gargantuan ego and aggravating aloofness ( will ignore all incoming beefs and infuriate challengers even further by offering the lethal 'I don't listen to your records'). His 'best rapper alive' quote is discussed to death, but if that claim includes creating perfectly crafted full-lengths in a style, the evidence won't be found here. Tha Carter III is instead a surprisingly casual album that takes numerous listens to sort out, and only part of a puzzle that is scattered across mixtapes, guest shots, and Internet leaks. Had he included another easy-access single like 'Rider' from -- just one of his mixtape series that made it to a -- the 'classic' argument could be considered, but figuring out what to sacrifice from this high-grade jumble is difficult. It wouldn't be the electro-bumpin' 'Lollipop,' an infectious track that contains the wonderfully line 'I told her to back it up/Like burp, burp.'