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North American cover art Director(s) Connie Booth Donovan Soto Grady Hunt Ryan Beveridge Series Release •: October 24, 2000 Mode(s) Spyro: Year of the Dragon is a developed by and published by for the in 2000. Year of the Dragon is the third installment in the series and the last Spyro game to be released for the first generation PlayStation. The game was also the last Spyro game Insomniac developed; their next title would be for the. It was released in North America and for PAL regions, but unlike the other two games, it was not given a Japanese release. Named after the animal of the, which was the symbol at the time of the game's release, Year of the Dragon follows the titular purple dragon as he travels to the 'Forgotten Worlds' after 150 magical dragon eggs are stolen from the land of the dragons by an evil sorceress. Players travel across thirty different worlds gathering gems and eggs. Year of the Dragon introduced new characters and to the series, as well as offering improved graphics and music.

Upon release, the game sold more than two million units in the United States and received critical acclaim. Reviewers noted the game built on the successful formula of its predecessors by adding more games and expansive environments. Lightsaber Sound Download Wavepad more. It was followed by the title. It was later re-released under the label, fixing numerous bugs as well as adding additional music. Spyro attacks various Rhynocs (pictured in the level Cloud Spires) throughout the game Year of the Dragon is set primarily in the third-person; its gameplay makes few deviations from that of its predecessors.

The main objective of the game is to collect special dragon eggs which are scattered across 37 worlds. These eggs are hidden, or are given as rewards for completing certain tasks and levels. The worlds of Spyro are linked together by 'homeworlds' or 'hubs', large worlds which contain gateways to many other levels. To proceed to the next hub, the character must complete five worlds, gather a certain number of eggs, and defeat a boss. Players do not need to gather every egg to complete the main portion of the game or gain access to new levels; in fact, certain eggs can only be found by returning to the world at a later time. Gems are scattered across the worlds, hidden in crates and jars.

Ch Reloading Presses Manual. These gems are used to bribe a bear named Moneybags to release captured 'critters' and activate things which help Spyro progress through levels (Such as bridges). Gems, along with the number of eggs collected, count to the total completion percentage of the game. The player controls the dragon Spyro for most of the game. Spyro's health is measured by his companion Sparx, a dragonfly who changes color and then disappears after taking progressively more damage. If the player does not have Sparx, then the next hit would cause the player to lose a life and restart at the last saved checkpoint. Consuming small wildlife known as 'fodder' regenerates Sparx.