Pulsar Led Serial Numbers

Pulsar 5 Year Product Guarantee Terms Pulsar products are guaranteed for five years from the date of original purchase. The guarantee covers defects in manufacturing workmanship and materials.

Pulsar Led Watch Serial NumbersPulsar Led Serial Numbers

Apr 08, 2006 How do I find the Model number for my pulsar watch? There are additional numbers that tell the entire part number of the watch. Explore our leading range of LED Lighting products. Pulsar 5 Year Product Guarantee Terms. The serial number label has been removed or defaced. This early 1970's PULSAR TIME COMPUTER is as rare as it gets! This watch is SOLID 14k. Solid gold pulsars were produced in VERY limited numbers. Serial Para Powerdvd 14 Gratis. In many cases, only 100 watches (or much less) were produced in solid GOLD in any series. The 41.5x44.5mm 14k. Gold case is in VERY fine overall condition.

It is limited to parts and labour. The guarantee becomes void if the product is: a) misused, b) not used in accordance with the instructions, c) the cable connections are not made according to our instructions if the unit is used in damp or wet environments, d) repairs are made by unauthorised persons, e) the serial number label has been removed or defaced. Pulsar’s maximum liability shall not exceed the price paid for the product. In the unlikely event of a fault occurring, do not use without repair.