Puffy Amiyumi Puffy Raritan

Puffy Amiyumi Puffy RaritanPuffy Amiyumi Puffy Raritan

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• Thom Whitehead (Season 1) • Joe Campana • Nate Pacheco (Season 1–2) • Michael D'Ambrosio • Rick Greenwald (Season 2–3) Running time 22 minutes Production company(s) Distributor Release Original network Picture format ( ) Audio format Original release November 19, 2004 ( 2004-11-19) – June 27, 2006 ( 2006-06-27) Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi ( ハイ!ハイ!パフィー・アミユミ, Hai! Pafī AmiYumi) is a - animated () created by for and produced by and.

It stars fictionalized versions of the group. The show premiered on November 19, 2004 and ended its run on June 27, 2006, with a total of three seasons and thirty-four episodes, leaving five episodes unaired. The main cast of the show. From left to right: Ami, Kaz, Yumi, Jang-Keng, and Tekirai.

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi follows the adventures of two and best friends: (), a cynical, sarcastic, rough, and tough; and (), a peppy, optimistic, and cute schoolgirl. Both are based off the real Japanese duo, but with different appearances and exaggerated personalities. They travel around the world on their customized tour bus, along with their well-intentioned yet greedy manager, (). From rockin' out at a concert to hanging out in their hometown of, the duo take the world by storm with their musical talent, trend-setting style, and humor, dishing out lessons in J-pop justice and establishing the international language of 'cool' along the way. Secondary characters include: Jang-Keng (Grey DeLisle) and Tekirai (Janice Kawaye), the duo's pet cats who enjoy tormenting Kaz; Harmony (), a six-year-old girl who is the self-proclaimed 'Number One Fan' of Puffy AmiYumi and (later) Kaz and constantly stalks them; Eldwin Blair (Nathan Carlson), a sinister land developer who tries to tear down beloved places for his own selfish needs; King Chad (), a selfish 'bad boy' who is a master of the card game Stu-Pi-Doh! (a parody of ); the evil Talent Suckers (Nathan Carlson; ), a rock trio from; and Atchan (), a caricature of Vo Atsushi (lead singer of the band New Rote'ka) who speaks in third-person and thinks he is a superhero. The animated Puffy AmiYumi travel all over the world in their tour bus.

While appearing the same size as a regular bus on the outside, it appears to have enough internal space to house the girls' rooms (including full-sized beds), Kaz's room, their equipment, televisions, and computers, among other things. In the episode 'Domo', Kaz refers to an upstairs area. Koplo Palapa Campursari New Palapa Mp3 Download here. It also seems capable of running on autopilot, as Kaz, Ami, and Yumi are sometimes sitting in the rear cabin of the bus while traveling. Occasionally, the rear door has been opened to receive packages delivered by a boy on a scooter.

During the first season, the show included clips of the real Ami and Yumi making childish commentary (in English and non-subtitled Japanese) at the beginning and end of each episode. They only performed short clips at the beginning of the show during the second and third seasons. Starting with the second season, the duo was sometimes shown holding title cards introducing the cartoon segments. At the end of the episode 'Sitcomi Yumi', Ami and Yumi watched television and saw the animated Kaz with the real Ami and Yumi.