Patch Chrono Trigger Ds Changes

Patch Chrono Trigger Ds Changes

Chrono Trigger - Envy Hack, Changes made are as follows: Overhaul on dialogue Some things explored better in the story Frog talks normal, yet crass Lots of adult language and. Improvements and glitch fixes have been made to the old version of the patch and also more items and weapons have been added also. Enemies often change positions during. Chrono Trigger DS features a new ending that can be accessed from the End of Time upon completion of the final extra dungeon.

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Patch Chrono Trigger Ds Changes

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Do not include any spoilers in a post title. Be sure to check out: • • • • • • • Nintendo Family Browse these or browse the. The whole thing was a Woolseyism. In the original Japanese, Frog apparently had a had kind of thing going with his speech patterns, but it wasn't archaic, or as out of place as the way Frog talks in the English version is -- to oversimplify it, in Japanese, you can tell a lot about a person just by what endings they use with verbs and pronouns. Basically it was Woolsey trying to come up with an analog for a guy who talked like an honorable martial arts master. The closest in English was kind of an affected Elizabethan speech, to bring up connotations of knights in shining armor.

So yesturday was my birthday and my friend got me 2 games from my wishlist; Ocarina of Time and Chrono Trigger. The only problem is that he accidentaly got Chrono Trigger for the Japanese Super Famicom. So the game is all in Japanese. I can't read Japanese. What should I do? PersonNinja Well I say keep it for collectors sake, because I have a super Famicom copyof Chrono Trigger. And than I suggest you track down the DS version of the game.