Pacific Storm Patch 1.52

This is my favorite game, I have almost no bugs. For all of those who DO have bugs please check out the Pacific Storm forum.

Pacific Storm Patch 1.52

Download the 1.52 patch, pluss this game is still very well supported. Our modders (myself included) have made modder made patches. I recommend you check out the Samuri Spirit mod or Rising Sun mod. Both of these fix many bugs and add many new units and fix some graphical errors. If you have already given this game bad review please check out these fixes and if it helps and you can enjoy the game after that please change your review. Again this is my favorite game and I want to see it get better ratings. This game was ahead of it's time.thus meaning you still need a good powered com♥♥♥♥r.

Pacific Storm, free and safe download. Pacific Storm latest version: Command your fleet during the second World War. May 28, 2008 Article Comments for Pacific Storm: Allies Patch 1.52 Available for Download by IGN Staff Summary: In cooperation with Buka Entertainment and Lesta. Starting with the 1. Renault Megane Ii Manual Pdf. 52 patch, I've gotten a rendering bug that affects the bottom left corner of the screen. Since the Pacific Storm games are notoriously buggy.

I had many crashes untill I upgraded my CPU now no crashes at all! Please check online for the recommended specs.

Steam specs lie on this game. I'm WWJD on the forum, if you need help fixing ANY bugs just message me. If you want to customize a fleet just start of by creating an expeditionary fleet (even if it is in white or red) with what ever units you want and can supply, from there disband groups of units you do not want. You can also add units to your fleets by having them at the same port and right clicking on one of them, you will se a selection 'join formation' click it and then click the other formation you want to join it to. There are a few limitations by using the second method like you cant join battleships to destroyer divisions but you can the other way around so just use trial and error on the second method.

If you select the f2 key while a fleet is a a port you can in fact renaim it. Use this all the time. Hope this helps. And yes it was designed to give the user a 100% like imersion to the second world war. 1: allow ships to sidestrafe(fire broadside) be more accurate- yes, this is a simple GameParms alteration.

2: toggle gun aiming on and off withought having to hold Ctrl- yes, however you would have to change one of the LUA files or generate a hole new file. Possible yes but not realy worth the time it would take to make it. 3:carriers with unlimited aircraft- yes, you would have to create a new aircraft formation that allows thousands of planes and increase the carry weight of the carrier.

This is a more complex GameParam change ♥♥♥♥♥♥ge the engineers for a base at 0 so that the AI send engineers to the base. There is already a form of this, go to the transportation menu under the base and tell the AI to ship more of that kind of unit to that base, this also works with other cargo. To make the AI do it automaticly, Yes. But you would need to create a new LUA script for the game. Again, not sure if it's worth the time spent on it. All in all, everything you have sugested is possible however not all of them are very time effecient.