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For your Weight and Conditions there are many Springs. Sky Router Firmware Upgrade File. Shown above blue arrow is New style 2016+ Ohlins. Click here to download and fill out a interactive PDF. Shock Conversion Chart: Degreeing a Cam: Small Block Chevy Valve Adjustment Order: Round and Square Tubing Wts: Common Quick Change Gear Set Ratios.

Bernt Jul 23, 2014 02:28AM PDT Hello, My brother and I just bought ourselves each a 2014 Demo 8II, in the size small. We are both struggling to find the right sag when using the springs recommended by the ' Spring Size Chart ' (only about 19mm). Ford Falcon Au Repair Manual Free. Although using minimum pre tension. Is this normal? Should we preset the shock adjusters in a certain way before measuring, or do we have to buy other springs to reach the desired level of 23 mm. Or is something wrong?

My brother is 168 cm, and weighing 70 kg all geared up. He has the stock Spring installed (343lb). I am 170 cm, and weighing 80 kg all geared up. I have mounted the (388lbs) spring. If I have been reading the 'Spring Size Chart' correctly, both these springs should be 'spot on'.

Would be happy for any good advise and solutions, as our 'local dealer' could not. Hello, Sorry to say so, but I was afraid that this would be your answer. My local dealer is only about an 8 hours car drive from where I live, so not very practical. I am going to the World Championship in Hafjell, so maybe there are someone from Specialized there who can take a look? Except this issue, which I still don't know is an issue at all;), I can tell that we absolutely love how the bike rides.

Incredible how different they feel compared to hours 2012 Demo 8 II. Much more responsive, but still forgiving? Kind Regards, Bernt.

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