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1) You first need to setup your Notes Domain to be able to forward to an Exchange domain. Microsoft provides some help here: As you migrate users, you'll change their person documents to point to 'Other Internet Mail', and include their Exchange email address, so the Notes environment knows how to reach them. Free Download Kalender Jawa 2015 Cdr.

Up to this point, this is something a Notes Administrator would handle if you have one at your company. After that, you can send to any Notes user normally from LotusScript.

Attachments go through fine. 2) Approval buttons are not feasible because they require some level of interactivity to be sent back to Notes. When you send an email from Notes to Exchange, you're sending it over SMTP and usually in an HTML format. It's the same as if you send an email from Notes to someone across the globe - as soon as it leaves the Notes domain, the email is converted to a MIME-based email and Notes-specific buttons, embedded objects, etc won't be converted.

As an alternative, you could send a link to the Notes database and have the users click that first, then open up the database to approve. That's very easy if your Notes database is on Domino and accessible via a browser. If it's a database that requires the Notes client, and you're on Windows, you can programmatically create links to the documents using the Notes:// URL scheme, which can easily be sent in an email. 3) This is a 'it depends' answer. What are you trying to accomplish? If you're reacting to emails sent from an application, you could perhaps send two emails - one to a user, one to the database within Lotus Notes that needs to run an action. Chirutha Movie Download For Mobile more.