Mizuno Fast Track Mp Driver

Mizuno have just launched two stunning brand new drivers in the MP-630 and the MP-630 Fast Track aimed at the better player. The drivers have been designed to improve Mizuno's driver representation on tour and feature a sleek 445cc head and pear-shaped profile that will appear to pros and low.

The Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track driver builds on the first edition of the Fast Track system from the MP-600 driver. It has a smaller 445cc head than the standard MP-630 driver and the classic looks means it sits beautifully at address like most Mizuno drivers.

However unlike most Mizuno drivers this one really goes thanks to the excellent Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki shaft that, despite its colour scheme, is ideal for this driver. The real difference with the MP-630 though is the Fast Track system that increases the number of weight positions from 6 on the MP-600 to 10 in a channel that is U-shaped on the sole of the club. Moving the weights to the furthest forward points at positions 1 and 10 reduces the spin on drives, whereas moving them to the back and centre at position 5 and 6 increases spin. Where the total of the two positions add up to 11 you get a neutral flight, but moving both weights to the inside will promote a draw and vice versa for a fade.

You can also create any combination of spin and draw/fade to suit your game. In our tests the settings were very easy to use and the changes were noticeable even if they are quite subtle. Mizuno say this is because this is a MP 'players' club and it is meant to refine rather than change a ball flight. List Naruto Movie Sub Indo Mp4 more. So with a 'neutral' swing and a draw setting the ball set off as normal and then at the top of its flight turned slightly left and vice versa for a fade, ideal if you want to take one side of the course out of play with a consistent shape of shot.

Mizuno Mp 360 Fast Track Driver

The feel and slightly more lively sound than the standard MP-630 was excellent and we feel Mizuno have made a driver that is a real option for better players. I don’t like the appearance of the FastTrack system so I felt a bit predisposed to dislike the MP-630 FastTrack. In fact I still don’t like the look but if you are after and adjustable driver that is quickly and simply adjustable and where changing the set up can really make a difference to your shots then this could well be the driver for you. It’s very easy to slide the weight into different positions so you can really play about on the range and try all the different settings. Spider Man 2001 Pc Download Full Version.

Mizuno have also introduced an excellent feature on their website allowing you to see the different ball flights provided by different settings. And this is no gimmick – if you change the settings and hit the ball well then you will see a real change in the flight. A word of warning. This is an adjustable driver for the better players and although I found it easier to hit than the MP-630 driver it didn’t inspire confidence or deliver consisteny in the way that a club aimed at my handicap group would and I also struggled with the stiff shaft fitted on the model I had – the shaft, like the rest of the new MP range, is predominantly white which is not a look I like but that you could certainly learn to live with on a driver that delivers that this kind of feel and sound so consistently. So the Mizuno MP-630 is probably not for me but it’s certainly a cracking driver that I’d happily recommend to any of my friends who are luck enough to be low handicappers.