Microsoft Surface Serial Number Check

Warranties can be confusing. Kraft Kennedy’s Purchasing Group has spent a lot of time navigating them for our clients. Below is a breakdown of a complex warranty system that we know well, that of the Surface Pro. With the release of the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft officially renamed its extended accidental support to “Microsoft Complete for Business.” This program applies to the Surface Pro 3’s and Pro 4’s currently available for purchase. In name, the warranty is the same whether you purchased your device from the Microsoft Store or from Kraft Kennedy or another purchaser.

Surface Pro Extended Warranty

COMPUTER NAME, SEAN-PC. SYSTEM PRODUCT NAME, Microsoft Corporation Surface Pro 3. BIOS, 3.11.0950. OS BUILD, 9600.17328.amd64fre.winblue_r3.1. PLATFORM ROLE, Slate. CONNECTED STANDBY, Supported. REPORT TIME, 2015-10-30 15:03:52. Once you're up and running with your new Surface Book, you should consider registering it with Microsoft. You might also extend the warranty to two years. How Do I Know Which Microsoft Surface Model I Have? Related Book. Surface For Dummies, 2nd Edition. The serial number of your Surface.

Surface Pro 4 Warranty

In practice, however, where you bought it makes a big difference. We always aim to fully understand a product before selling it to our clients. The following are some notes from what we have experienced in the last couple of months with the Microsoft Complete for Business program. If the device was purchased from the Microsoft Store and an equally comparable model is available in stock, the Microsoft Store will be able to exchange a damaged or malfunctioning Surface Pro 3 or 4 for a refurbished one immediately. Some problems we faced regarding this: • Sometimes stores do not accept machines purchased from resellers despite being officially licensed devices from Microsoft. We have experienced Stores rejecting the advanced exchange portion of the Microsoft Complete for Business program. Dmc 3 Special Edition Mission 5 more. • Users will need to manually register and apply the warranty to their devices in the Microsoft portal upon purchase or else they will be seen as uncovered to Microsoft.

While not a major problem, the additional step required in insuring and managing all the Surface devices can be time-consuming. • If Advanced Exchange is unavailable at the Microsoft store, then users must utilize the Mail-in Exchange program • There is a $50 deductible to initiate the exchange and the Surface device must be mailed in for repairs. Users who turn to this program will be without their devices until the device is confirmed received. The Microsoft Complete for Business program under Kraft Kennedy has some key differences: • Our Advance Exchange program will always provide users with a replacement machine first.