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Hi All, I've been analysing time series images using the new photometry analysis tool in MaxIm DL 6. John Wetton Raised In Captivity Rarity. 07. All works well when only a couple of hundred images are measured at a time. However the export CSV function doesn't want to save more than 306 lines of data even though the graph tab on the Photometry tool shows data point for all images in the series. For example I recorded 540 images last night of the HX Vel field, 9 stars measured in each of the images using MaxIm this morning, the Graph tab showed nice light curves with data points from all images but only 306 rows were exported instead of all 540. Anyone else see this behavior? Is there a way to export the full set of measurements? Cheers, Mark. Download Film Kuroko No Basuke Season 2 Episode 49.

Hi Mark I was on the Maxim 6 Beta Team and have been wrestling with this problem for months.lots of months. In October, Adam from Maxim spent some time on my system through Team Viewer and discovered a bug in memeory management when using the Photometry tool and said the fix should be available on the next minor release. I don't think we have had that release yet but am not sure. It is well to remind the MaxIm team of the problem. It is also helpful to let them know that more than one person is intersted in the problem. Which I see you did on Nov 2 without a reply.