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How To Use Garmin Homeport

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I'm new to my Garmin 93SV and struggling to learn how best to interact with the maps on my PC. Rant first, then questions. The primary reason that I went with the Garmin unit over Lowrance is the quickdraw feature, but I have yet to be able to make the LakeVu or Quickdraw maps successfully populate Homeport. The files appear, but won't open and the error message reads that the files are corrupted. I've worked through the copying process several times with the same result so I doubt very much that the files are the issue. Gorillaz Windows 8 Theme here.

In the process the Quickdraw files that I've created have been lost (operator error no doubt as I'm dummying my way through various attempts to try to make the maps work). Add to this that the SD card port doesn't 'click' the card in and eject it back out anymore - and I've had the unit for just three weeks. It seems to read it OK, but the long-term implications concern me and no doubt I'll have to send the unit off for warranty exchange. I doubt this would be a problem if one didn't have to insert and eject the card as much as appears to be necessary to (try to) work with the content. I can't find a comprehensive tutorial on Homeport anywhere, not that doing the simple things that I (and every other echomap user) want to do should require this. Adding to the joy has been that for more than a week I haven't been able to log in and use this forum - not confidence inspiring when a technology company can't make a website work - and now that I'm here I find very little on the subjects of interest to EVERY new echomap user.

I did just have to log in again - not sure that I can even post this message - we'll see! No, Garmin, I don't want to upload the maps that I work diligently to create for the rest of the Garmin world to use. Ever met a fisherman who wants to give all of their favorite places out to everyone else? I'm fine with this as an option, but Garmin, if you're listening, set this up so I can upload and interact with my maps without sharing them with the world. Not a great beginning for Garmin and I.