Malgudi Days Tv Serial Torrent Download

Malgudi Days Tv Serial Torrent Download

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Great hindi TV serial from the past most episodes are derived from RK Narayan, story books Malgudi Days TV Serial all Episodes direct download my all time favourite serial is finally on net here is malgudi days series for those who have seen it will know its the best funny, educational, drama everything, stories mostly from R.K.Narayan books. मालगुडी के स्वामी और उसके नटखट दोस्तों की शरारतें आपको याद होंगी। अब आप अपनी यादों को फिर ताज़ा कर सकते हैं मालगुडी डेज़ को ऑनलाइन देखकर। यह रहीं कड़ियाँ – Episode 1: This is the Episode wherein The post master is like the real mesiah of the village. Nice story and good characters. Source: MB; thanks to uploaders there.

Episode 2: How a fake saint is busted in ancient India Source: MB Episode 3: A WILLING SLAVE Source: MB Episode 4: Episode 5: Episode: a horse and two goats An impressive statue of a Horse and Warrior stands on the outskirts of a sleepy village named Kritam, not too far from Malgudi. Peugeot Radio Code Generator Download here. Muni, the local goat-herd and his family (wife and two goats) have obviously seen better day. Hunger seems to follow them about like shadows? Because the shop-keeper’s terms are ‘strictly cash’. And so, penniless, dreaming of drumstick curry and other such delicacies, he grazes his goats each day – lazing in the shadows of the great Horse. On one such typical day, an American tourist happens to run out of ‘gas’ near the statue.

The unlikely characters meet and an interesting conversation is soon in full swing. The American speaks only English while Muni speaks chaste Tamil. Not a single word is understood by either, yet they go on like long lost friends. Finally, an unexpected bargain takes place between Muni and the American that has surprising results for Muni.