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Not sure where to put this question, so I put it here. This is more a technical e-mail server kind of question, but read on and you'll see what I'm asking about. So I only have one e-mail account pushing to my bb. Its a gmail account. I'm not using the GMail mobile app, not using the enhanced GMail plugin either. Just using the standard messages stuff that comes on the BB. So far, everyone I send mail to from the bb gets the mail just fine.

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This also includes various yahoogroups I am on. Now, there is one listserv that I'm on that keeps bouncing mail that comes from the bb. But not from gmail. So that being said, I know that I'm subscribed, and I've had a little back and forth with the list owner trying to sort this out.

Here are headers from the message that I sent FROM the BB using my GMail address. Code: X-rim-org-msg-ref-id: Message-ID: Reply-To: X-Priority: Normal Sensitivity: Normal Importance: Normal Subject: Test part deux To: From: 'Jeff' Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 03:41:04 +0000 Content-Type: text/plain MIME-Version: 1.0 This one is from the blackberry.

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