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Veritas Cluster Server Installation Guide Thesoftwaredescribedinthisbookisfurnishedunderalicenseagreementandmaybeused only in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Sun Cluster 3.2 - Installation. I am going to explain how to install Sun Cluster 3.2 into a VMWare environment using Solaris 10 (x86). This is the current setup I have is: HP Pavilion DV2104e laptop (running windows XP - service pack 3), with 120GB hard disk, 2GB ram; VMware 6.0.3 build-80004; Solaris 10 64-bit (07/09).

• Step 2: This confirmation page will display that your e-mail verification is completed (i.e., 'You have been verified as an active Veritas employee'). If not, please follow the instructions indicated in the e-mail body. • Step 3: Refresh the [here] page after email validation is done. Note that the validation process is an one-time task only. If for any reasons, you have not received the e-mail verification, go and try again. If you still have not received it, please. Patch Date: February, 2010 OS: Solaris OS Version: Sparc 5.10 Fixes Applied for Products: VRTSvcsag - Veritas Cluster Server Bundled Agents by Symantec Additional Instructions: Please read the instructions below before installing the patch.

PATCH VRTSvcsag 5.0MP3RP1HF1 for VCS Bundled Agents 5.0MP3RP1 or higher ======================================================================= This README provides information on: * GETTING STARTED * FIXES AND ENHANCEMENTS INCLUDED IN THE PATCH * PACKAGES AFFECTED BY THE PATCH * INSTALLING THE PATCH * UNINSTALLING THE PATCH GETTING STARTED --------------- This patch only applies to: VRTSvcsag 5.0MP3RP1 or higher running on Solaris Sparc 5.10. Patch IDs for the appropriate SunOS Versions: For SunOS Sparc Release 5.10, 143699-01. Ensure that you are running the supported configurations before installing this patch. FIXES AND ENHANCEMENTS INCLUDED IN THE PATCH -------------------------------------------- Etrack Incident: 1950516 SDR's of Fixed Symantec Incidents --------------------------------- Symantec Incident: 1950516 Symptom: In a zone, if there are multiple IPMultiNICB resources on the same subnet, then there are issues with the source address of the IP packets. Defect Description: In Solaris, ifconfig addif assigns the IP address to the next available logical interface.

When packets are sent from the zone, if there are multiple interfaces for the same subnet, it selects the one that is the lowest number in the logical interface. The VIP revealed using ifconfig -a establishes VIP iterations with the interface such as: nxge0:1, nxge0:2, nxge0:3, nxge0:4. Free Minecraft Server Maker No Download. , nxge0:12 (so on).

The first VIP seen by the zone is designated as OPSA (outgoing-packet-source-address). The problem occurs when the iteration train is broken. For example, when a service group is taken offline and its VIPs--let's say are nxge0:2, nxge0:3--then there is now a 'gap' in the original train sequence. This gap apparently changes the OPSA for other service groups. Resolution: After applying this patch, use the newly added attribute 'Options' to set the deprecated flag for the IPMultiNICB resources. PACKAGES AFFECTED BY THE PATCH ------------------------------- This patch updates the following VCS package(s) VRTSvcsag from 5.0MP3RP1 or higher to 5.0MP3RP1HF1 INSTALLING THE PATCH -------------------- The following steps should be run on all nodes in the VCS cluster: 1. Stop VCS on the cluster node.

Install the patch. Restart VCS on the node. Stopping VCS on the cluster node: -------------------------------- To stop VCS on the cluster node: 1. Ensure that the '/opt/VRTS/bin' directory is included in your PATH environment variable so that you can execute all the VCS commands. For more information, refer to the Veritas Cluster Server Installation Guide.

Verify that the version of VRTSvcs is 5.0MP3RP1 or higher for Solaris Sparc. Freeze all the service groups persistently.

# haconf -makerw # hagrp -freeze -persistent # haconf -dump -makero 4. Stop the cluster on all nodes.

If the cluster is writable, you may close the configuration before stopping the cluster. # haconf -dump -makero From any node, execute the following command. # hastop -all or # hastop -all -force Verify that the cluster is stopped on all nodes by running the ha command. # hasys -state On all nodes, make sure that both had and hashadow processes are stopped. Log in as the super user into the system where the patch is to be installed. Run the preceding steps on all nodes in the VCS cluster.

Installing the Patch -------------------- To install the patch: 1. Un-compress the downloaded patch from Symantec. Change the directory to the unzipped patch location.