InfiStar Antihack For DayZ Mods

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How To Install Infistar

Mar 21, 2016 Hi, anyone know where i can download battleye filters compatible with 1.8.7 and inifstar anti-hack admintool? The filters that come with the antihack. Hey guys i just started playing the Overpoch mod after being away for a month and everytime i join a server i stay in for about 2-5mins then i get. (3 children). Yes, the server most likely runs Infistar Anti Hack and that kick is because it cant run its checks on your client, a restart of Steam should solve it. A majority of it was written by Monky/Hangender, the parts that he's 'contributed' were either copy pasted from cheats (admin tool is mostly copy/paste with the addition of logging), or the dayz modified variable checks (checks for things like modified damage handler, etc. From breakingpoint's anti-hack. Sep 24, 2014 This video will show you how to install infiSTAR antihack onto. How to install infistar admin tools on DAYZ. How to Install MODS on Your.