How To Install Xp32 Maximum Skeleton Extended Skyrim

How To Install Xp32 Maximum Skeleton Extended Skyrim

Article # 5 in a 12-part series. • 1 - • 2 - • 3 - • 4 - • 5 - this article • 6 - • 7 - • 8 - • 9 - • 10 - • 11 - • 12 - Dragonborn always looked like a robot when standing or sitting, and have you noticed how woman walk exactly like men? It might also be nice if a secondary weapon shows on a character. New stand or sit idles are easy fixes, but dual sheathing or special body physics (boob jiggle or combat) require some extra steps. Here I cover how to install new bodies, with or without breast and butt physics, new animations for idles or walks, and having two sheathed weapons show up on your character.

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Note that older tips suggested adding a [HAVOK] section to your Skyrim.ini, but with latest extensions it’s been recommended (“Skyrim Stability Guide”) to leave as default with iNumThreads=1. This is a good time to run LOOT, Wyre Bash, or similar tool to make sure the load order is good and XPMSE is positioned correctly (after any body. This Skyrim Game Guide will help you install a Custom Body. XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended is one the best. Sons of Skyrim; How To Install Skyrim. Dec 01, 2015. XP32 Maximum Skeleton. XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - Duration. Skyrim Classic Tutorial How to Install XPMSE & Dual Sheath Redux.

In I cover my choices for body replacers, skin textures, and more on making characters pretty. Keep in mind that some non-FNIS custom animations replace existing animations, and for each action you generally get one animation. Your character can sit in a different position, cross-legged or whatever, and will always sit that way with a few exceptions. I share a couple suggestions below under step H. Dual sheathing, including shield or staff on back, needs a special skeleton.

Boob physics (HDT) requires a new skeleton and supporting body mesh. I’m using skeleton since it has both covered along with many popular body meshes. For best results certain requirements, including optional animation packs, must be installed before installing XPMSE. Use a mod organizer supporting FOMOD, such as or MO, to include install options. If you’re new to installing mods, see.

Installation order matters: These install steps are based on documentation for XPMSE by Groovtama. Follow the steps no matter if you want breast physics or dual sheath. I bet you never considered boobs and swords depended so much on the same things.

You’ll want to follow the same order for hair and cape physics, too. This tutorial assumes you want HDT physics for body jiggle. Other pure-animation BBP mods also exist that don’t require HDT Physics Extensions. Review the description page for mods not compatible which include some HDT equipment.

After installation of other mods, you may review load order on by the HDT Physics Extension team. Terminology • body mesh replacer: the shape of the character’s body supporting animations given a skeleton. • (T)BBP (Tender) Breast and Butt Physics. Uses animations (such as walking) for jiggle. • BBP-HDT: Requires HDT Physics Extensions for jiggle reacting to character motion.

• HDT-PE: Physics Extensions supporting body, hair, capes, wings, etc using the same in-game Havok engine. • skeleton: same idea as your body, but may include extra bones for breasts, belly, or butts. Hair and capes may have their own skeletons. Starkey Inspire 2014 Download on this page. Note that some (T)BBP options may be pure animations without HDT physics. For these you need a supported walking, running, or combat animation that include bode jiggle.

HDT body jiggles reacting to character motion using the in-game physics engine. Install first in this order This example assumes HDT-BPP physics using the Havok engine which requires SKSE, XPMSE skeleton, and HDT-PE for original Skyrim. •, available • (optional, but handy for MCM) • • (FNIS) SkyUI includes a mod-control menu (MCM) that some mods support to include options or more information. One of my steps below include using SkyUI’s MCM to select weapon sheathing options.