Gtco Rollup Ii Drivers

Gtco Rollup Ii DriversGtco Rollup Ii Driver

2 The Roll-Up III We at GTCO CalComp. Ing software application and your Roll-Up III. You should install only the drivers necessary for. (T5/T5A), Roll-Up II. Questions & Answers. Driver instructions for Rollup 1,2,3. The Logic Group digitizing software can be used with or without the windows wintab driver, other vender software will generally require the windows driver. The digitizer can be used connected to the computer with either the serial port or usb port. GTCO Digitizers available in Roll Up Portable Format or Ridgid Hard Surface, ideal for Estimating, GIS or CAD. This is the best GTCO digitizer, the Roll Up digitizer; see for yourself!

GTCO Roll Up-II Installation • Fill out and mail the Warranty Registration Card. • Select a large, flat surface on which to place the Roll-Up II. Clear all items from the surface. Conductive materials on, under or near the Roll-Up II may cause improper operation.

• Remove the Roll-Up II from its container and unroll it on the selected surface. Epson Perfection 1250 Twain Driver Windows 7 64 Bit. • Connect the stylus or cursor to the appropriate jack on the tablet’s connector panel. (The connector is keyed and will fit only the correct jack.) The Roll Up II has 3 connection points on the aluminum tube the (left) round one is for the power cord.

The middle connection is the Interface cable it passes data from the board to the computer. The (right) corde is for the stylus or digitizer pen.

• Plug the power supply into an AC outlet. Connect the power supply to the appropriate jack on the connector panel. The digitizer should produce four short tones. • Connect the interface cable to the appropriate jack on the connector panel. (The connector is keyed and will fit only the correct jack.) • Connect the 9-pin connector of the interface cable to the serial port on your computer. If necessary, use the 9- to 25-pin adapter to connect to a PC-compatible (DTE male) port. • Orient the tablet as desired (see Changing the tablet’s orientation if change is necessary).