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Cars Cdp 2 11 3 Crackling. Well, after a string of wrong answers, I finally got something. If a moderator could delete the previous wrongs, it wouldn't make this thread look less messy.

FRE - means, it has no debugging symbols in it, the opposite would be a CHK build which is used by developers. Now, for the other parts: GRMCULXFRER GRM - C - ULX - FRE - R GRM - don't know what this is, could be Gold Release Master - just a guess. But the other parts would be: Client, Ultimate, Free, Retail So Professional would be GRM - C - PRO - FRE - R.

On July 22 Microsoft released Windows 7 to manufacturing and started shipping images of the operating system to original equipment manufacturers. Next in line to get the gold bits of Windows 7 will be ISVs (Independent software vendors) and IHVs (Independent hardware vendors) as well as MSDN and TechNet subscribers on August 6th. At the same time, it is highly probable that Windows 7 RTM will be leaked and made available in the wild. In the meantime,, technical evangelist for Security and Messaging in the Developer & Platform Strategy Group at Microsoft Germany, made public the official SHA-1 and MD5 Checksum Hash information for what appear to be the original MSDN/TechNet DVD ISO Images of. The information published by Melanchthon will allow users to compare the MD5 and SHA-1 hash checksum values of any Windows 7 ISO images with the official SHA1, MD5 and CRC hash checksum values. If the values coincide then users have a guarantee that the downloads they checked are in fact the original ISO images of Windows 7 provided by Microsoft and that the files have not been tampered with in any way.