Giga Tronics 1026 Manually

Hello, i'm trying to send proper commands the some old GIGA-TRONICS GT 1026 Signal Generator. My problem is kind of similar of that in another post: Here a is a list of my knowledge so far: -device only supports IEEE 488.1 standard (1978) -'low-level' commands like ibrd, ibcmd, etc. Work well in 'Interactive Control' -device lists up when scanning for instruments -device sets into REMOTE state when connecting through 'Communicate with instrument' -device can be set to LOCAL via: ibcmd ' x01' -device can be adressed as listener via: ibcmd '?&@' &=MLA6 @=MTA0 -no command send via ibwrt or the write function in the 'Communicate with instrument' panel works -when reading out data device always responses: F07RSY1 MOD: NO STA RECEIVED -the known commands to control the device are the same like in the mentioned post above, e.g. 'GEN FIXED; FA 12.3E+3' -using GPIB-USB-HS adapter with NI-488.2 2.73 and MAE 4.6.2 What am I doing wrong? With kind regards, s_koehler.

Gigatronics 1026 ManualGiga Tronics 1026 Manually

Yes, I read that part. In this specific manual there are some differences: 1.3 Syntax Configuration The standard remote control syntax (as described in this manual) is enabled by setting S7 on the CPU PC board (A2) to the on(up) position. S7's off position might be required in unusual applications. The instrument is normally shipped from the factory with S7 set to the on position. Entrepreneurship William Bygrave Andrew Zacharakis Pdf Merge. Nothing is mentioned about that 'CIIL' syntax.

9.1 The emulation of the GT900 includes the emulation of the GT1026, GT600 and GT6000. Document Convention: For simplicity, when generically referring to Giga-tronics 2500B series Microwave. Signal Generators, the term. Set attenuation to MANUAL mode independently of the level control in 10 dB. Giga-tronics Microwave Signal Generators are designed to offer the. Figure 2: A composite plot ofmaxlmum available power and leveled output power from a typical Giga-trooics. Dotted lines indicate specified accuracy and;'!atness tolerance. Operation and Maintenance Manual. Giga-tronics GT-1026A Microwave Power Amplifier Operation Manual, Part Number 35021, Rev. -1026A 100 MHz to 26.5 GHz Microwave Power Amplifier.

And I don't know what a 'unusual' application might be. Perhaps i get the opportunity to open the case and check for the board setting.

The Gigatronics 1026 Signal Generator is a multi-function unit for stimulus, frequency measurement, and power measurement 0.05 - 26GHz - Unit powers on, but is not working properly. - Step attenuator does not seem to be working. - Unit displays a frequency output starting at 300 MHZ and ending at 7GHZ then starting at 12GHZ and ending at 17 GHZ outputs are off by about 1%.