Ford Escape Front License Plate Installation

2008 Ford Escape Front License Plate Bracket

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2012 Ford Escape Front License Plate Bracket

My fiance' has a 2001 Explorer xlt. A couple years ago, she rear ended another vehicle, and needed her front bumper replaced. In her then-boyfriends infinite wisdom, he removed the license plate holder before it was brought into the shop, deciding he'd put it back on later instead of the shop doing it.

Long story short, it never got put back on. We now live in Montana, which requires front bumper plates, so I need to get it reinstalled. What is the easiest way to go about installing it, as there isn't any holes in the bumper for it? I am hoping to get it on before the cold hits again (40's during the days right now). Any help would be much appreciated!!! The stock front plate holder is just mounted to the bumper with the two holes on the front of the bumper, and usually one that goes underneath and in front of the plastic air dam. The factory tends to use quick-attach plastic expansion bolts/rivets, which only last until something nails it.

Your best bet is to stick the plate holder on the front center of the bumper, use a sharpie/pencil to mark the location of the mounting holes, then drill the bumper (if it doesn't already have starter indentations for where the plate holder goes). Raise Data Recovery V 5 4 Full Serials here. I'd suggest using metal bolts with a small washer between the bolt head and plastic plate holder, and then another washer and a nylock locking nut behind the bumper, (or a lock washer and regular nut if that's all you can find).

You could probably just use the front two holes to mount it, or there may only be two holes for the plate bracket on the later Explorers.