Egmond Acoustic Guitar Serial Numbers

I'm selling a beautiful Aria classical guitar. I've listed the features below: • Rosewood back and sides. • Tight grain Cedar top. • Multi-ply purfling around the top, sides and back with Rosewood binding. • Mosaic, Persian, Classic wood inlaid Rosette with matching purfling and inlay on headstock and bridge tie-block. • Rosewood peghead overlay with headstock stripe.

They had 2 or 3 pickups, as the number states. 2V and 3V (V=vinyl covered body) had the body shape of a Fender Jaguar or Fender Jazzmaster. Later the Egmond 2 and 3. Feb 13, 2009 Here's an old EGMOND guitar, a real low-end guitar made to meet the enormous demand for guitars during that folk-music-guitar-boom era, LoL!!

Egmond Guitars Made In Korea

• JAPAN is stamped on the headstock. • Rosewood bridge, with purfling and binding. Bridge is firmly attached. No lifting • Rosewood neck heel cap overlay. • Brand new Waverly gold tuning machines.

Egmond Acoustic Guitar Serial Numbers

• Two piece head and neck with v-shaped volute glue joint well above nut. • Fretboard has been cleaned and seasoned. • Mother of Pearl side position markers. • Original bone saddle. • Soft shell case included.

Condition is very good, with a few minor dings here and there. Normal for a guitar of this age. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and thank you for viewing. Product Specs Condition: Brand: Model: Categories: Year: Made In: Japan.

Hi, Some stuff I dug up. 'Uilke Egmond a former railway-man, started his music shop in 1932 in Valkenswaard. He gave violin lessons and sold some instruments there. When he moved to Eindhoven ( 1934?? ) he opened a shop there.Together with his sons Gerard, Jaap and Dick, who joined him in World War II, he started building guitars there.

During the sixties The Egmond Company became one of the biggest guitar luthiers of Europe. From 1961 they had a brandnew factory in Best.

Towards the early eighties the company moved to Boxtel. Egmond made thousands of instruments that were distrubeted all over the world. Finally they couln't survive the concurrence of the Japanese luthiers.' Source: Dating the guitar will be hard, but here are some clues. Easy Media Gallery Pro Plugin Free Download. Some old catalogs to help.

Wyd 7 57 Server Files Minecraft. That may start you off in your research. My first 'real' guitar was an Egmond acoustic archtop, purchased for the princely sum of 16 pounds - money I had saved from my birthday and Christmas in 1970. Mine had a pickguard, but otherwise was almost exactly like this (a picture I found on eBay a few years ago): It had the screw-adjustable neck as illustrated earlier, which was just as well, as it was pretty tough to play when I got it. I didn't know any better at the time, but was soon set straight by a more accomplished friend.

It got me started - I'll always have fond memories of it, but have no desire to seek one out again after all these years. My Godin 5th Avenue eclipses it in every category.