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Ed performing stated in an interview with the Magic Newswire on July 29, 2008 that he finally determined Marlo's 'code of ethic' was that if Marlo figured out a routine on his own, he felt it was fine to publish it. But if someone told him how it was done, he would not publish that version. References • Cover,, Vol. 11, January 1946, Eddie Marlo As I Know Him, by Frances Ireland, page 15 • An Ed Marlo Bibliography, Issue 8 (December, 1956) • Cover, Linking Ring, Vol. 4, June 1957, Cardician Marlo, by Frances Ireland, page 19, Edward Marlo “No Cards” Parade, by John Braun, page 5 • Cover, Linking Ring, Vol. 11, January 1959 • Cover,, Cover Portrait Edward Marlo the Man, by Jimmy Nuzzo, page 1 • Cover,, magician-of-the-month, The Amazing Mr. American Serial Killer Statistics In The United. Marlo, by Bill Simon, page 10, Marlo Books, page 34 •, Edward Marlo, The Cardician (1913-1991), page 364 • • This page incorporated content from, a page hosted on.

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