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View and Download Ducane RLHF-R80C specification sheet online. Ducane Oil Furnace Specification Sheet. RLHF-R80C Furnace pdf manual download. Ducane Furnace Manual Oil Pumps HVAC Recalls is a compilation of CSPC recalls and service alerts from manufacturers. Parasitologi Kedokteran Pdf. Click the button below to add the 6 HP 3450 RPM R56Y Frame 230V Air Compressor Motor - Century # B387 to your wish list.

Very Unsatisfied Review: 'Junk - Burning smell from day 1' Garbage from the get go when installed in spring 2012. This unit is equipped with variable speed motor on the fan.

When running the ac, there is a noxious burning smell. Had the installer out 2x per year trying to find the problem but they never did. They replaced a few things and tweeked the speed control to reduce the air noise (secondary issue). Now so bad you can't even run the ac.

Contacted customer service since now out of warranty and they were totally useless and unhelpful quoting policy book and verse. Wrote a letter to the ceo, Michael Sargon, few days ago and have not even received an acknowledgement. Any company that does not stand behind their products, especially with problems that began from installation, is one you should avoid at all costs. Very disappointing. Very Satisfied Review: 'Happy Warm Homeowner' I had a Ducane 95g1e furnace installed two years ago along with a 4ac13b air conditioner and new coil. I also put in a new Aprilaire humidifier. My system has worked flawlessly.

My hvac person told me my last single stage 80% afue furnace was too big for my house. He installed a smaller unit which runs a little longer to heat up but the house is now more balanced and comfortable. The heat is even through out the house. I was weary at first as I heard about the pressure switches not lasting. I was told Ducane fixed this and I have not had a problem. My HVAC installer told me there are lots of hacks and bad installers out there that do not know what they are doing. This leads to the furnace breaking down because of poor installation and the consumer then blames the product.

Many people just go with the lowest bid. I know my system is balanced since everything is new. Many people leave out the details if they are working with and older coil and/or AC unit which can cause the system to be unbalanced. Then they post a poor rating on here or other sites because they don’t know what they are talking about. I would buy another Ducane again as I happy with the quieter system and much lower utility bills. Hope this helps and let the buyer beware with the installer you are working with. You get what you pay for in skilled labor.

Do your homework on your installer and call Ducane if you have any questions. Date created: 2016-12-15 Name: Dean Location: Springfield, OH Satisfaction Rating. Very Unsatisfied Review: 'Unsatisfactory Ducane' Purchased new in April 2010.

Pressure switch problem: Oct 17/2013; Feb 16/2014; Oct 21/2015; Apr 20/2016; Apr 21/2016; serviced by tech on Sep 13/2016 - okay; again not working today Dec 11/2016. Terrible and umreliable furnace. Surprising enough, the paperwork says that Allied Air Enterprises Inc is a lennox International Inc. Maybe should be staying away from Lennox as well! Date created: 2016-11-24 Name: D Seymour Location: O fallon MO Satisfaction Rating. Very Unsatisfied Review: 'Pressure switch fails every winter - current litigation' Model No: 95g1uh090cp 16, s/n: 5912e05038 Installed in 07/2012.

Every winter furnace stopped working due to pressure switch. My installation contractor told me to pull off the rubber hose from pressure switch and blow it off with mouth. This fix got it working in 2013 & 2014 winters. One time each winter. In 2015-02 same issue again but flooded the house since I was not at home. Arbitration trial scheduled for against Allies and its attorneys from McCamey & Chilcote, P.C.

Any helpful information about your experience with the furnace and pressure switch will be appreciated. I have contacted a consumer class action attorney in Pittsburgh, PA.

They will consider a class action law suit against Allies if they find this furnace pressure switch is a popular issue. Could all of you who had the problem with Ducane furnace to make this law suit happen? Please let me know with your contact information. I will compile and give it to the attorney.

Ducane had 2 previous class action law suits and settlements. Date created: 2016-02-18 Name: Jason Baas Location: Columbus, OH Satisfaction Rating. Very Satisfied Review: 'Satisfied with my Ducane furnace!' I purchased my 95+ single stage gas Ducane furnace in 2014 and installed it myself with some tips from a pro. I have not had a single issue in the 2 years I have had it installed., It has been 100% reliable without fail, no weird noises or any of the issues I see listed over and over again. Gas bill here in Ohio hasn't topped $100.00 yet.