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It’s important to use a structured technique and to practice this technique until a level of proficiency is reached so that each and every parallel park is accomplished successfully. It doesn’t have to be completed in one complete manoeuvre however as many think. It is acceptable to move forward and make adjustments during the manoeuvre, providing this is done safely with constant all-round observation. A structured technique is applied by use of reference points. There are several techniques that can be used for the parallel park, which ever technique used, using reference points aids learner drivers accomplish this manoeuvre. These reference points are to be used alongside the main tutorial which provides a complete in-depth guide on how to parallel park.

Once you have studied this page along with the tutorial page, take the to test your knowledge. Using the reference points Many reference points taught whilst learning to drive can be vehicle specific, essentially using a particular point on the car to line up with the road or pavement. Microboards Gx2 Driver Download here. As a result, reference point markers may need to be altered slightly depending on your vehicle. Parallel parking reference point B Parallel parking reference point B As you begin to reverse back, reference point B will line the back of the cars up. There are a few ways to establish this. If the cars are the same length and facing the same direction, you may line the door mirrors up. Alternatively, the front (or back depending on which direction the car is facing) up with the centre of the rear left window.

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This must be completely the end of the vehicle lined up, such as their bumper. Sit up straight as you can as is may be a little difficult to see the end of their car. With plenty of practice, you will estimate this accurately. Parallel parking reference point C Parallel parking reference point C Reversing now, you will turn the wheel one complete turn to the left.

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Keep this part of the manoeuvre extremely slow as it’s important not to over-shoot this reference point. As you reverse, you will see a triangle form in the left door mirror between the kerb and the side of your car as can be seen in the ‘A’ part of the diagram. As you reverse, the triangle will get smaller. Keep reversing until the triangle nearly disappears. When you can only see a tiny triangle such as in the ‘B’ part of the diagram, stop the car. Parallel parking reference point D Parallel parking reference point D At this point now, the rear wheel will be very close to the kerb so you just want the front of the car to swing round to the left parallel to the kerb.

How to Drive in the Center of the Lane Pass A Road Test Smart - Duration: 17:24. Smart Drive Test 71,516. May 24, 2012 To watch FREE full versions of our professional collection and DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE DRIVING REFERENCE POINT PHOTO. Drivers ed reference points.