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Remember, f-curve modifiers can only be applied to a channel after it has a keyframe. So you always have to add at least one keyframe in order to modify it. Another trick is to add the modifier to a Z position delta channel instead of the actual Z-position channel. Wonderful Merciful Saviour Instrumental Download there.

Then you can still move the cube around and it will still have the effect of the modifier applied to it. You can use multiple lines of code in a Scripted Expression, but you have to set it up correctly. I have ventured down this path and I offer up my that uses this technique. I am asking for a clarification. Adding Noise to the Object Data Location Rotation Scale? Adding Noise to the Mesh Vertexes?

With Hooks that are animated? Doing some really difficult animation? It appears from the image you are changing the Z-Location of the Object Data. It seems you could add noise modifier to the f-curve.

With no handwritten driver. Remove the driver 02. Insert A few key frames for ease of viewing (non flat curve) 03. Window F-Curve. Editing Context. F-Curve Editor (not Drivers) 04.

Add Noise Modifier Does that meet your needs? ---------------------------------------- When I put a file into a similar state to your picture I got NO animated results. I assume you are not trying to add noise to a scripted position.

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