Download V6 Supercharger Script Droid X2

Not much of a poll, but more of a question. With so many new devices coming out we want to know which device you are using and if you’re not stock, what ROM are you running?

Download V6 Supercharger Script Droid X2

We’ve asked this in the past () () and always like to know about our readers and make sure we’re delivering what you like to see. So in the comment section below, feel free to tell us what you’re up to. Here’s my set-up: Nexus S running CyanogenMod 7 and the with LauncherPro Plus. As you can see I also have a Kitteh4G running the MeowMix ROM. Feel free to post pictures too and show off your screenies! OG DROID running Chevy’s SS 5.4 with ULV800 running flawlessly.

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Download V6 Supercharger Script Droid X2

This rom has both Iphone Settings and Android Settings. - I included 2 messaging app since the stock messaging. NOTE: To Download From Mobile, Use Chrome & Request Desktop Site to see captcha from Mediafire. Download Link. -v6 Supercharger Tweaks (for longer battery life). -Build.prop tweaks (Battery, Boot. The V6 SuperCharger gives a visible. Boost the Performance of Your Android Device with SuperCharger Script. Go to the Android Market and download Script.

Was running the Beta from PE for a while and that was running very well also, (I occasionally lost 3G for a minute or 2) with the SS 5.4 I have not lost it yet for even a second. No random reboots or any issues at all. I NEED my phone for work so loosing 3G would be a deal breaker. I have to say running even better than on froyo. I too am not in any hurry to upgrade.

Contract is up in November but will ride this out for a while till a nice, wide open vanilla quad core calls out my name! Droid X Broodcomb 2.0 Honeycomb Theme (Part of ROM) Clocked @ 800min – 1200max Interactive I’ve never heard anyone bring up Broodcomb before and I’m not sure why. I’ve been using it for 2 months (based on 4.5.588) and every single thing on it works. It is stable, no reboots, good battery life, and looks great with the Honeycomb theme.

I know everyone loves Liberty and Apex (as do I!) but strongly suggest trying this out. I’ll be on Liberty as soon as everything works with no issues, but Broodcomb 2.0 is the perfect for now! Edit: Just found out 4.0 was released on 6/8/11, based on.596. About to give that a try. Latest Proshow Gold Keygen Free Download 2016 - Free And Torrent more.

Nero Vision 9 Free Download Full Version. OG Droid running PE v5.0.2, NexTheme, RaidZero kernel and Launcher Pro Plus (900/250 MHz). I just tried out Liquid Gingerbread v1.92 and liked it a lot, but it breaks my ability to connect to PC via USB. The only kernels that seem to fix the issue are the ChevyNo1 and CorCor67 kernels, which my Droid just does not like for some reason ( it runs incredibly slow and GPS will not turn off). I think the problem may actually be with the latest Gingerbread builds because I’ve read that the PE v6 beta has the same issue. Hopefully the RaidZero kernel will be updated soon because I would very much like to run a newer ROM. Not due for a phone upgrade til September.

Probably more information than you require, but anyway. I have two phones. My main daily driver for calls, texts, email is the Motorola DROID running Peter Alfonso’s GPA 15 @ 800Mhz. No custom launcher. My PMP and gaming backup phone is the Samsung Vibrant running Cyanogenmod Nightly @ 1Ghz. I try and use the DROID only for calls and emails, and tether my Vibrant to the DROID for the rest. That way I don’t get irritiated with the slowness of the DROID and I can last longer before having to finally update.

I’m trying to wait for the Nexus 3 and then I’ll jump on whatever carrier that comes to (because it definitely won’t be Verizon). The other phones I’m looking at are the Sensation/Evo 3D (basically the same phone, especially since I have no interest in 3D), the Galaxy S2 (the international version, the U.S. Carriers basically killed the Galaxy S line in the U.S., I have no doubt they will try to do the same with the Galaxy S2, and if none of those happen, and Apple puts a 4″ screen in the next iPhone like is rumored, I’m going for the iPhone. That will be a last resort though.

You have to root to install a custom Rom, and be able to SBF back to stock if it gets messed up to do what I did to mine. Rubix is a series of Rom’s a developer named Drod made for the Droid X a few months back. The Rom I run is still Froyo and not Gingerbread, and it is stripped down of all the Motoblur Motorola put on the phone and all the bloatware like City ID and Madden is gone on it.

It runs super fast, and I have it overclocked to 1.2Ghz, above the standard 1Ghz the X normally runs. So it’s quick! Running Pete’s GPA15 on the only Droid worth mentioning(OG Droid of course) with the 1.2ghz LV kernel with Launcher Pro I’ve have very little stability problems in fact only one forced reboot and I was playing pandora, with navigate running and i had widget locker and gentle alarm also in active tasks and when i tried to send a large message(would have been 3 texts) it crashed but it saved them in drafts so I really didn’t care too much other than that one well deserved crash I’ve had 0 stability problems. THANK YOU PETE WE ALL LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!!