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I don’t disagree that pirated software downloads are a major source for infection. However, does that mean the majority of such downloads are infected? I’ll tell you why I ask this: I have a friend who was quite involved in the community that cracks software and packages the software and cracks together and uploads them to torrent networks. I’ve had stuff I downloaded that was flagged (yes, I live dangerously sometimes), usually just the crack. Scn Coding Keygen Mac there.

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And when I asked him about if, he said that most cracks show up as malware, but they’re really not. It’s the heuristic detection kicking in because cracks do malware-like behaviour (changing executable files). Now I realize in individual cases, it’s probably impossible to know the difference but I’ve wondered if anybody has studied just how much of the pirated programs really is malware. And I don’t mean the obvious stuff. Like when you download a program that you know is supposed to be several hundred megabytes and yet the download link says 12 MB (just to toss a number out there). @Alfre Huger Thank you for sharing your insight, Al. I suspect the statistics might be even worse with a more general sample (not only users of Immunet).