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Your Trusted Search Engine! Share De Delftse Methode Nederlands voor buitenlanders 1.pdf. Download De Delftse Methode Nederlands voor. Basiscursus Nederlands voor. By JB editor; Software. Nederlands als tweede taal [Toegepaste Taalwetenschap in Artikelen 22] 1985 pp. Opening Oracle .rdf Files. Nederlands Voor Buitenlanders De Delftse Methode.

The Delft Method is a so-called 'natural' method: the material corresponds as much as possible to the way in which people learn their first language. Characteristic properties of the material are: 1) integral presentation of the basic grammar at the beginning of the course, 2) presentation of a large and well-selected vocabulary, 3) complex lexical and grammatical exercises, 4) constant feedback, 5) absence of grammatical terminology. The Delft Method, as used at Delft University of Technology, is meant for students aged about 18, has a very high tempo and presupposes a lot of independent student activity. The course material is also used by students outside the university, coming from a much younger age category, having a considerably lower level of education and proceeding at a slower rate. A first comparison of the results shows that the method is natural enough to be successfully used by very heterogenous groups.

De Delftse Methode Netherlands Voor Buitenlanders Pdf EditorNederlands Leren Voor Buitenlanders

Differences in the time used can be explained partly by differences in experience in studying: in this view people trained in studying learn a second language faster than could be expected?by nature'.