Craftsman Drm 500 Riding Lawn Mower Manual

Craftsman Drm 500 Riding Lawn Mower Manual

From one nubee to another welcome to MTF! Simpsons Springfield Halloween 2013 Hack Android. I have a rear engine (10hp) 30' cut Craftsman II riding mower that I bought about 6 years ago, used, and up untill this past summers end was a fine machine.

Jun 16, 2011 I need parts or an owners manual for my. Where can I parts for my lawn mower Craftsman drm 500? Craftsman riding lawn mower ignition coil/timing. Find best value and selection for your Craftsman-Lawn-Mower-Tractor-Bug-DRM-500-10-HP-Briggs- search on eBay. 2 Sears Craftsman 19 HP Riding Mower Tractor Manuals.

But beat it to death. Used to cut many yards in addition to the 1 acre yard of mine. In my honest opinion, (hindsight is 20/20) anything short of 42' is too small for 1 acre. I myself would not go below a 46'-48' for 1 acre and above. However the reliability has been great. Always started. And it fit in the back of my wifes Dodge Caravan mini-van w/ramps on the luggage rack to make my rounds.

Hope this helps. I don't know the machine, but if you've got the time, a 30' isn't too slow for 1 acre. I read some complaints among the folks saying they don't get enogh 'seat time', well if they had a smaller deck they'd get more seat time. I wonder what blade/blades a 30' has, one or two?

I'd like it better if it had one, that would be one he11 of a blade. As for $300, don't know there either, but do note you'd pay that much and more for a new good walkbehind. Try offering $200, but more may still be OK, suppose a new one must cost $800 or so. The 30' is a single, long honkin' blade! (at least on my machine). As for more seat time?

I may have beaten it to death but it beat me to death while I was mowing! Small tires, uncomfortable seat. My property is wide open flat land. No trees/gardens/obstructions. The quickest and most efficent way to mow is to start at the outside parameter (with the outlet chute directed AWAY from the yard) and go in a rectangular circle working my way towards the center.

VERY monotonous. Takes about 2 hrs and a gallon of gas of nothing but just going in circles till ya get to the center. I paid $400 6 years ago used and it just now gave up the ghost. For $750 I just bought a 50' cut, 20hp garden tractor (Craftsman), a brand new 42' hi speed 17 cu ft lawn sweepe, a brand new tilt dump cart and as a bonus he threw in a Ryobi 4 cycle quick link straight shaft dual line trimmer used twice I was told AND finally but not least a brand new work bench complete with flouresent lights and power strip!!! Sorry bout the rant.the 30' rider just started throwing drive belts.

Chewing them up actually and it sucks to change/replace. I think I just plain wore her out.

She does still run and drive IF the drive belt was reinstalled. Starter works great. The motor has what I swear is a bad bearing knock but I seem to be the only one who hears it and it has been doing it for a # of years now so I don't think it will die anytime soon. How To Tie A Tie.

Yes it has a beverage holder! Actually, it takes me the better part of two days now to mow with the walk behind I have so, if I could do an acre in an hour or two.well, lets just say I entertain pretty easily! I would rather have a larger deck, but the condition and price are what has me interested. In my area (East/central Alabamy) yard tractors hold thier value!

Anything that moves under it's own power will fetch 4-500 bucks! I may watch ebay awhile longer for a larger mower. My main hesitation is only that it is 10HP and Im 6'5' and 250lbs.wonder if it would poop out pullin my weight around? Keep the opinions/advice coming guys and I'll make a decision in a day or two. Thanks MCTOY. The 30' is a single, long honkin' blade!