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• • • • • Website Yūne Sugihara ( 杉原 有音, Sugihara Yūne), born Yasuhiro Sugihara ( 杉原 康弘, Sugihara Yasuhiro, on July 8, 1969 in, Japan), known exclusively by his stage name Sugizo, is a Japanese musician, singer, songwriter, composer, and record producer. He is best known as lead guitarist and violinist of the rock band.

He started his solo career in 1997 and has since collaborated with many artists. In 2007 he became a member of the / act, and of the Japanese rock supergroup, and in 2009 officially joined the band. He is also part of the psychedelic jam band Shag and the shamanic electronica unit S. Opening Serial Port Is Failed Skybox Bar. T.K (Sensual Technology Kooks). In addition to being known to experiment with many musical genres, mostly, and, he is known for his, being an, and. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Biography [ ] Early life and musical education [ ] Yūne Sugihara was born on July 8, 1969, to a musical family, in,, in. His father played in the, and his mother played in the same orchestra.

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From a young age, he was brought up on and had to study classical. At the age of three, by his father initiative, started to learn to play the.

He practiced it for 3 hours per day, but without the right type of music or, began to hate playing music, and coercion from his parents aggravated such feeling of repulsion. The situation persisted until the age of ten. His early favorite composers included,, and.

When Sugizo was eleven or twelve years old, around the beginning of junior high school, he began to play the trumpet. He preferred the trumpet's 'dirty' image more, as it was during the 1950s and through to the 1970s, in comparison with the violin, which was seen as something for higher-profiled people or class. How To Install Xp32 Maximum Skeleton Extended Skyrim. It was during his junior high school days that he became more exposed to non-classical music types, such as the Japanese group, the British group, 's, and the London, making his base for rock'n'roll. 1986–96: Early bands and Luna Sea [ ] Despite his father's disapproval, Sugizo acquired a bass guitar and an electric guitar, and began to teach himself how to play. When he was around the age of 17, then in high school, Sugizo with on drums and Tezya on vocals formed a band called Pinocchio, where he played as the bassist. Since the internal structure of Pinocchio was not cohesive, they left and briefly joined Kashmir in 1988.

On January 16, 1989, they both joined another band which performed at the same live houses, called Lunacy, formed by and. With the addition of, vocalist from the band Slaughter, the five formed the rock unit Lunacy.

Since J was already the bass player and Inoran preferred to play rhythm guitar, Sugizo became the lead guitarist and took on his stage name, which he believes Shinya came up with. Soon they were discovered by (then lead guitarist of ), who got them signed by X Japan co-founder, to his, on which they released their debut album in 1991. Upon their first album release, the band changed their name from Lunacy to. They became one of the most famous rock bands in Japan, selling more than ten million records, as well performing in and. The first solo activity Sugizo had was in 1993, when he wrote his first solo song 'Revive', for the album Dance 2 Noise 004 featuring many musicians, including the group M*A*S*S, which consisted of hide, J and Inoran. In the upcoming three years, a variety of less known musical collaborations and contributions took place. 1997–2001: Solo career, Truth?

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And Sugizo during an X Japan concert in Hong Kong, 2009. On March 28 and 29, 2008, Sugizo played at 's two reunion concerts as a stand-in along and for the deceased.

In April, he took part in Juno Reactor's European tour. On May 2, he reunited with Luna Sea again at the 'hide memorial summit', a two-day concert in memory of hide, at the.

On July 23, Sugizo released a greatest hits compilation album titled Cosmoscape. The album shows off his various types of music genres, such as rock, trance, jazz, classic, bossa nova, among others, and spans his ten years of solo work. During the year, Sugizo wrote a song titled 'Enola Gay', the bomber that dropped the on. He wrote the song to convey his feelings and thoughts toward the people who suffered from the aftermath of nuclear war, and to the cities of Hiroshima and. As well, that the bomb never must be dropped again, and as his live supporting drummer is American, singer Russian, and him Japanese, that people from former enemy states can be friends. In September joined Juno Reactor on the USA leg of their tour.