Coldfusion 10 Oracle Driver

Adobe Coldfusion 10

I had an evaluation version of ColdFusion 6.1 installed on a Windows 2003 box with Oracle 9i. I had configured a JDBC data source to an Oracle database, and. Anyone out there using the Oracle 10 OCI driver with their CFMX servers? I'm having a huge problem getting ours to work. Every time I set up a datasource using the OCI driver, my SESSION scope can no longer be locked and my JVM process spikes. Here's my setup: - Jboss 4.0 sp1 AS - ColdFusion 7 - Oracle 10 OCI. Connecting with Data. Source Objects (The Java. D7 Premium Keygen Torrent. In addition to their other advantages, which will be explained later, Data. Source objects can provide connection.

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