Coach Purse Serial Number Check

The following numbers will always indicate a counterfeit Coach bag, especially any serial number starting with NT- or TN-: NT-4903 NT-4908 NT-4115 NT-4157 TN-9085 TN. Up until 2002 about 75% of coach handbags were. There also needs to be a serial number. Coach commonly uses logo. Also check out: How to Spot a Fake. Ive read this post of yours and its is such a big help for us who are not connoisseur but love bags especially Coach bags. If you can pls authenticate the swingpack i bought from a friendof a friend. She sells bag after purchasing it online accordingly. The bag has no serial number, no style number,.

Coach Serial Numbers - the Basic Facts *by “Hyacinth” for Salearea Coach serial numbers can be confusing, and are constantly changing. They, along with the creed patch or stamp (that thing that begins “This is a Coach Bag.” stamped inside every full-size Coach handbag and some but by no means all accessories like Pouches, Swingpacks, and other smaller items) are also the most useful and dependable parts of any Coach bag in helping determine age, style, origin and especially authenticity. Unfortunately there's so much misinformation about serial numbers that it's getting harder and harder to find accurate information.

Many so-called 'authenticity guides' spout that all serials must follow such-and-such a rule, which is absolute NONSENSE. Serial numbers have been changing almost since they originated, and there are no “rules' that apply to even a small percentage of them at any one time. The Coach creed came first - it began to be stamped in Coach bags some time in the mid to late 1970s, a few years after Bonnie Cashin left Coach. There's no verified date when Coach began numbering their bags but late 1970s seems to be close. The first numbers were all numbers - the always-present 'No' (with the 'o' underscored) for 'Number', followed by 3 numbers, a dash and then four more numbers. The order was completely random and every bag had its own unique number, so any time the same exact number appears in more than one bag, it's an absolute certainty that at least one, and probably both, of the numbers AND bags are counterfeit. Good examples are '308-9875” and “123-3445” but there are many others.

The style number was NOT part of the serial number. (And some early bags had numbers that were just stamped into a long thin strip of leather and then glued under the creed stamp, and those would sometimes come loose with wear.) Up until the end of the 1990s, the serial numbers were mostly hand-stamped using a mechanism that allowed the operator to change numbers quickly, and often in early Coaches you can see the top or bottom of the next number in line above or below the actual serial number.

Coach Purse Serial Number Check

And rarely the dash between the two halves was skipped over and a string of 8 numbers would be stamped. Neither of these production glitches means that the bag is a fake, and neither did numbers that were off-center, angled, or bumping into the border of the creed statement. Contrary to what all too many “guides” say, early Coaches were NOT perfect and uneven numbers are NOT always signs of a fake. But they still need to be checked by an expert since the same things can be found in fakes. Changes came in the late 1980s.

Along with a change of ownership, Coach also made changes to both the creeds and the serial numbers. Instead of the “Made in New York City, U.S.A.” stamp, the addition of new plants meant a change in the creed to “Made in the United States” up until the early 1990s when off-shore plants were added and the wording changed again.

Coach Purse Serial Number Check

The serial number also changed during the 1989-1990 period and now was “No” followed by FOUR numbers, a dash and three more numbers. As before, none of these numbers have ANY significance - they don’t indicate the date or plant and most important, they don’t include the style number! Any serial number from before 1994 that’s all numbers does NOT include the style number and can’t be used to identify or authenticate the bag. It doesn’t mean that a bag is fake if the last three or four digits don’t seem to belong to the right style - they’re not supposed to. To create even more confusion, some bags don’t have serial numbers at all. Pergenex Auto Mate Keygenguru more. Coach made several lines of pebbled leather Spectator-style bags in the early 1990s that break that “rule” too.

The Dakota family was pebbled, unlined, and made in Italy, and none of them had serial numbers. Right behind them came the Sheridans - also pebbled but with a textured taupe fabric lining and made in the U.S. Onone Perfect Photo Suite 6 Keygen Free. , Italy, or Costa Rica, and about a third of them didn’t have numbers either although both lines used sewn-in creed patches that were unique to those two style families. The major change came in 1994. Production codes and the bag’s style number now became part of the serial. The first digit was the month code, always a letter of the alphabet and supposed to include only A through M, although a few mistakes were made and a rare “N” might slip through.