Cara Mengatasi Pes 6 Yang Not Properly Installed

Cara Mengatasi 'The Game Is Not Properly Installed' Pada PES 6. 10 atau Windows lain yang memiliki sistem. Cara Mengatasi. Mengatasi PES 2013 Has Not Been Installed - PES Area. Mereka menemukan pesan yang isinya 'Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has not been.

Cara Mengatasi Pes 6 Yang Not Properly Installed

Cara Mengatasi PES 6 Not Properly Installed. Les Sims 3 Vitesse Ultime Kit Keygenguru. Direktori pes 6 itu di C:>program file>Pro Evolution Soccer 6 ( yang ada pes6.exe, settings.exe dan juga registry file ). Delete 'DpFileList.bin' and all PTE.cpk files from your 'PES 2017 installation folder/download' folder. 'PTE Patch has not been totally installed because of the following reason.' PTE PATCH STOPPED WORKING PROPERLY AFTER I UPDATED THE GAME WITH A NEW KONAMI DLC Its normal.

Anonymous Hi again, haven't reached you for a while. I have used your fix launcher and it only fix the installation of stadiums. Not fixinf any update content for the league. Too shame, your patch looks promising but the real situation is very different from you showed in the video. But I appreciate your hard work.

Cara Mengatasi Pes 6 Yang Not Properly Installed

I suggest you should try the patch first - if you make a new patch for new season - on windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit, I'm pretty sure if your patch can work in that windows in windows 8 and 10, wouldn't be any problem. And I suggest you use the latest update of windows 7 sp1, just update from windows update. Don't be afraid, it's free and safe.

Why I can say that, because I use crack this whole time and nothing happen. I always update from windows.

Anonymous Hi, just remember a thing. I give you a suggestions, hope you can do it. Can you change the difficulty of the AI computer when only played as one player? I mean I don't know how you guys make this patch, but previously I use jenkey gametools to reduce the difficulty of the AI player. I make it into 0, and the computer doesn't chase me very hard. When I reduced it into -1, definitely make the computer less guarding but they don't chase me.

What I mean is, can change the difficulty like using jenkey gametools but not using it. Do change the DLC or something, I don't know. Because for me is annoying when I try to attack and the computer is like already alert and guard all the lines, and when they attack they use all the skills like roulette, flip flap, etc - you name it by yourself. And also the alertness of the referee, can you possibly change it into about 85 - 90% like in jenkey gametools>? I use that because I want to feel the realistic playing like in the real match, The tackling was harsh but the ref didn't give any foul or cards, or just free kick without cards. Because The ref is like to give a card for small foul. Well, that's from me.

If can do that. It will be great man.

See u again on version 3.0. Anonymous Hi, got good news for you.

I finally can use your patch. Perfectly like in the video.

I tried to uninstall clean the game. Re-installed again without any patch pesedit 6.0 or any patch, just plain. And After that, I installed again your patch, and when I tried, damn it worked fine. But I don't know if your setting probably distract the game because I don't turn on the indonesia league. And the composition of the club is same.

However, there are some minor that I will share hope you can fix it in next version. There is one player that you didn't make, Ayoze perez from newcastle. Instead you put pappis cisse who isn't longer there. There is a player called ayoze, I usually edit him into ayoze perez. Next thing is, the difficulty of the computer is getting worse.

When I ran, suddenly 3 players surrounded me and ready to steal my ball, but my other player didn't help and just waiting for the ball to come to them. I played using 4 teams against porto, and I only can win using chelsea, the rest is lost and draw. I don't what you added to the computer gameplay but seriously, they are much tougher, slickier, harder, etc. Especially with this possesion game formation, it's like the computer dictate my game and can't do anything about it. Need to fix this on next version or else I will crazy enough to defeat one club.

Well, that's from me. I want to try to install the game on another computer, see if it's work too or not.

Banyak sekali pengguna vga intel graphic yang mengalami crash pada saat bermain PES 2013 yaitu saat akan memilih avatar atau saat pilih match atau pilih expbition atau pilih game plan untuk bermain tiba-tiba keluar sendiri muncul tulisan ' blablablaaa.has sp working ' benar bukan? Karena saya sendimengalaminya sob. Berbagai cara sudah saya lakukan yang ada di google, namun hailnya nihil. Tapi berkat ilham dari teman ane bernama Danur masalah tersebut bisa terpecahkan dengan inovasi-inovasi kreatis dari saya juga. Padahal sepesification pada settingan PES saya seperti ini. Walaupun GPU dan VRAM saya unable, saya tetap bisa memainkan game PES 2013 ini.