Boss Pedal Serial Number Date

Boss XT-2 Xtortion. Boss XT-2 Xtortion The XT-2 is a love or hate type of distortion pedal. It's got a very hard edged distortion that sounds a bit different from. Just bought an old Boss pedal on eBay for a real bargain and you've noticed that there's no serial number anywhere to be seen. Or maybe you've just found your uncles stash of old Boss pedals and you'd like to sell them (because your children need wine) and you want to list them accurately with a date. I didn't even realize it was made in Japan until I brought it home. Upon reading a thread over at The Gear Page I found out that you can go to the site linked below, enter the serial number (found on a sticker underneath the battery), and it will tell you when it was made. Boss Serial Number Decoder. Where is it located? Under the bottom plate? Where the battery is? I have an '80 something one I want to check the date on but I don't want to open.

Boss Pedal Serial Number Dating

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