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We spend a lot of time here at Accellis helping law firms get the most out of their computer systems. Since a large portion of the people we work with use Amicus Attorney Practice Management software on a daily basis, we’ve put together a collection of materials to help you take advantage of some of the killer features Amicus has to offer.

Billing Program Amicus Attorney Support. Built specifically for and by lawyers, Amicus Attorney software solutions are used. At Amicus Consulting, we see billing and. Or “just billing” program is right for your firm. Time Billing. Time Matters and Amicus Attorney.

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You may want to share these with new employees at the office or try a few of these yourself. You learn something new every day! Amicus Attorney Premium Edition General Training • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Advanced Training • • • • • • Administration & Security • • • • • Amicus Attorney Cloud Edition • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Know of any others you’d like added to the list?

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Amicus Online - Legal. Download Graphics Driver For Windows Xp Service Pack 3. With Amicus Online legal practice management software. PCLaw® or one of the many other desktop products designed for legal billing. Cannot log into Amicus – One User. Error upon login – Your workstation is unable to connect to the server. Selecting Show Details shows “Public token key not marked as serializable”.

Recently Gavel & Gown has released a new update to their Amicus Attorney Premium Edition with their 2016 version. Below are a few of my favorite features along with ‘what’s new in 2016’. Filter Through Your Communication Records In the communications module or Com Center of Amicus Attorney, firms traditionally look at their latest phone calls, messages or emails.

In the 2016 upgrade, improvements have been made for both adding records and sorting through your communication records. Ch Reloading Presses Manual. Filtering by file, client or date ranges are a big time saver when looking at your growing inbox. Quickly narrow down the calls or messages you’re looking for with the instant search. Now you can use the communications section to view the records you need easily. Streamlined Billing Amicus Attorney Premium Edition can be licensed with the Premium Billing component to create an all-in-one solution where invoices can be printed from the same program where the firm’s time was entered.

If you are using the Premium Billing add-on there have been several new developments including trust check printing, CHUBB e-bill formats and bill formatting preferences. Reduce the back office time spent producing bills with the new improvements to mass billing. Improved Document Management & Collaboration For firms using the server based document management or folder structure, Amicus has released numerous tools for saving documents. Many of these tools are standard in a DMS or document management software and are now bundled up into our practice management system. When using the Amicus managed mode, document previews will allow for fast tracking when previewing document records. Version control is another feature many practice management systems did not display before making saving documents a breeze. Internal communication will improve when saving or collaborating on documents by tracking who changed a document and when the changes occurred.