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The tip of the Coulter counter in a buffer solution, counting cells in solution. A Coulter counter is an apparatus for counting and sizing particles suspended in. It is used for,, and particles. A typical Coulter counter has one or more microchannels that separate two chambers containing electrolyte solutions.

As fluid containing particles or cells is drawn through each microchannel, each particle causes a brief change to the electrical resistance of the liquid. The counter detects these changes in electrical resistance. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Coulter principle [ ] The Coulter principle states that particles pulled through an orifice, concurrent with an, produce a change in that is proportional to the volume of the particle traversing the orifice. This pulse in impedance originates from the displacement of electrolyte caused by the particle. The Coulter principle was named for its inventor,.