Beachcomber 340 Manual

Beachcomber 340 Manual

The stainless screws provided. See Figure 3. STARTING UP A BEACHCOMBER HOT TUB. Once the Protec equipment is hooked up, using the separate instructions provided in the Protec. Equipment box and the electrical connection is made by a qualified electrician, do the following: 1. Check all union fittings on the Protec. Beachcomber Hot tubs These are the error codes and display messages that Beachcomber hot. Beachcomber Hot Tubs Error Codes & Information. Beachcomber's EverLite gives the spa user the choice of any color in the rainbow to illuminate their evening. See 340 Seating Depths & Dimensions. 2002 Beachcomber Spas Manual. Beachcomber Spa Manuals: Click on Your Spa Year Below For Your Factory Manual All Manuals are in PDF Format: Click Here for Spa Parts. Need a copy of your hot tub manual? We've got you covered with a copy of the most current, and archived versions of the Beachcomber hot tubs. A NEW KIND OF HAPPY HOUR The next level of affordable luxury moves you into the popular rectangle shaped tub. Perfect for families, this 340LEEP model has contoured.

Because the company has been around since 1978, Beachcomber's hot tubs vary in their specifications. Before you carry out any troubleshooting on your own, refer to your tub's user manual. You'll find some consistency in the company's offerings, however; although Beachcomber's lineup ranges from five-seaters to eight-seaters, with water capacities running the spectrum from 175 gallons to 437 gallons, its hot tubs share many of the same troubleshooting procedures. Likewise, Beachcomber's tubs -- from the Beachcomber 321 to the 750 -- rely on the same error codes, which help you identify the causes of some common problems.

Water Woes If your Beachcomber's water feels tepid, first make sure the tub is not in standby mode, which suspends all of the unit's functions. Ford Cargo 0913 Manual Woodworkers. You can enter standby mode by pressing the “Warm” button or the “Cool” button, then pressing the “Massage 2” button; press any button to exit standby. If the tub displays an “OHH,” “OHS,” “OH” or “HH” error message, it has overheated; do not enter the water in this case. Instead, remove the tub's cover until the water cools, then press the “Reset” button on the control panel to restart heating. Draining your hot tub at least once every three months helps keep water clean and clear, as does the use of an internal pipe cleaner as part of your hot tub's water balancing regimen. Pressure Problems When you experience weak water flow, indicated by a “DR” error message on your Beachcomber's control panel, check and open all of the knife valves, the T-shaped handles located on the spa's pump connections. Pull the plunger up to open each valve, and press it down to close it.

Beachcomber 340 Hot Tub Manual

As an alternative solution to pressure-related problems that inhibit water flow and weaken the jets, shut the tub down, close all of its knife valves, remove the Hush Pump's face plate and manually discard any debris found under the plate. Raise your tub's water levels to about 1/2 inch above the skimmer opening -- the horizontal opening just under the filter compartment's lid -- to remedy surges in jet pressure. Filter Fixes A dirty filter can cause all kinds of problems for your Beachcomber hot tub, including cloudy water, decreased water flow, temperature inconsistencies, foul odors and degradation of equipment. To remedy -- or better yet, prevent -- these problems, clean the tub's microfilter regularly. Put the hot tub in standby mode and open the filter compartment by twisting the handle counterclockwise. Remove the cylinder-shaped microfilter and discard any visible debris from the filter's basket.

Thoroughly rinse the filter and basket with a spray nozzle, then soak the filter overnight in Beachcomber's Filter Pure solution and rinse it once again before replacing it. Beachcomber recommends cleaning the filter once every two weeks and replacing it at least once every two years.

MicroStar Lighting MicroStar Lighting Circuitry is designed using computer circuit boards that contain LED Diodes. These long lasting computer diodes are specifically designed to produce the full spectrum of ambient light for hot tub enjoyment, both above and below the water line. MicroStar lighting lasts up to 100,000 hours on average, providing long lasting light over the older incandescent style of lighting which was prone to failure. Underwater moodlighting; hot tub lighting; spa lighting; Chroma therapy; topside lighting; Eclipse Lighting; Guiding Light; Garden Light; EverLite. Beachcomber’s EverLite gives the spa user the choice of any color in the rainbow to illuminate their evening or night soaking experience. Small pre-programmed circuit boards are used to produce light in the full spectrum. This provides millions of colors and hues for the hot tub owner and allows them the power to choose the desired hot tub mood lighting that appeals to them.