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This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an and a. Aurora Glade Type size 6 Duration Medium Preceded by Followed by The 's plan to reassemble the portal to the has been betrayed to the, who have been slaughtering all who stand in their way as they try to claim it. Should the Shining Blade succeed, they will gain a new, hidden base of operations to strike back at the Mantle. Fail, and not only will the Henge be lost to the Shining Blade, but their resistance movement will collapse as well. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mission information [ ] Objectives [ ] Gain access to the. • Get to the.

Kaisi Yeh Judai Hai Mp3 Free Download Djmaza here. • Attune the Henge Portal before the White Mantle do. • ADDED: Attune the to clear the vine gate. • ADDED: Attune both thorn pedestals to clear the vine gate. • ADDED: Kill the. • *BONUS* Assassinate the. Rewards [ ] Rewards Mission 1,000 1 1,000 XP Rewards Mission 2,000 XP 500 1 Bonus 2,000 XP 500 1 Walkthrough [ ] The first part of this mission is typical: hack and slash through the usual Maguuma Jungle foes and bosses. Things change drastically when you reach the Druids.

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Oh dear, Gaile grays account got hacked. Link to Reddit post Here linking the official statement by MO (Mike O'Brien) luckily enough her GW2 account and all her GM settings remain in tact, but due to the original Guild Wars game having older technology the hacker managed to get access to this and cause. GW2 Hacking Ranger in the wild, justice prevails! - Duration: 1:44. Choxie808 5,445 views 1:44.

The goal of the mission is to attune a set of three thorn pedestals simultaneously, while preventing the White Mantle from doing the same thing. Attuning the set clears the Vine Gate, giving your party access to the Henge Guardian; defeating it completes the mission. There are two types of pedestals: • Spawn-pedestals are attended by a single Druid. Talk to the Druid once to enable the pedestal to produce crystals; click on the pedestal to get a crystal.

That pedestal will not produce a crystal until the currently-carried one is dropped or used. • Attunement-pedestals are empty until your party or the Mantle add a crystal; they also have a beam of light pointing upwards. The light is white when the pedestal is empty; it changes to blue when your team claims it; and it becomes red when the Mantle attune it. If you drop a crystal, it will break and you must grab a new one (and you will drop it anytime you switch weapons or shadowstep). As with any bundle, while carrying crystals, you do not gain the benefit of any of your weapon mods. When you attune the southernmost pedestal, it opens a vine-gate allowing you to proceed northward.

(The Mantle do not attempt to attune this pedestal.) After following the path, you will find: dispose of his attackers and talk to him to unlock the Bonus. East of Less is another area with three thorn-pedestals. One is a spawn-pedestal, one attunement-pedestal has already been claimed by the Mantle, and the third will be unclaimed.