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At the Crossroads, Scarlet Imprint, 2012 I had started this review a few weeks ago, carefully reading each entry the book offers and writing notes, quotes, and thoughts for each of them. It got to be a massive missive of scrawled ink and would prove much too scattered to print as an actual review. Though I will take the time to say that I was especially impressed by (no surprise here) Jake Stratton-Kent’s Necromancy: The Role of the Dead in a Living Tradition, as well as the fantastic Goetic Initiation by Conjureman Ali. The artwork contributions by Hagen von Tulien in Soul Dream, magical veves of Richard Ward’s In the Shadow of the Cross, and Queen of Fire and Flesh: Invocations of Pomba Gira by Angela Edwards, only help to enhance the beauty of the book. The book’s beauty is not something that should (or could, for that matter) be overlooked.

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I have quite a few books in my collection (nowhere near as many as I used to, nor anywhere close to other’s collections I have witnessed) however, from a purely aesthetic point of few, very few of the outsides match the information contained on the insides. Scarlet Imprint has the cure for this and is dedicated to keeping good looking books on your shelvespossibly just to make your other books jealous and contemplate their worth. This book is bound with what is described by the publishers simply as “black and white cloth. Jessops Digital Picture Frame Manuals more. ” I would compare it to the look and feeling of an Edward Gorey ink-sketch. Anita Blake The Killing Dance Pdf Converter there.

The cover looks wet and alive and exotic. It has been stamped with a crossroads symbol in the center of the front and back covers and the title on the spine is done in the same style. The book is almost a perfect square, measuring 8 ½ x 9 ½ inches. It is as much a treat to hold (and turn the high quality archival pages) as it is to behold. The hardcover “Crossed Edition” of At the Crossroads described above is limited to 800 copies and has a cost of roughly 68 US dollars. There is no paperback of the book available, however there is a digital edition of the entire book that can be purchased for about 16 US dollars. I urge anyone reading this who is looking for a high-quality gift for a friend, relative, loved one, or fellow practitioner to go ahead and secure a copy.

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You will be far from disappointed and your gift (or purchase for yourself) will stay highly praised and greatly admired, for years to come. At the Crossroads may be ordered directly from Scarlet Imprint.

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