Armed Assault Bad Serial

Then there might be a problem with the registry fix those,there is a handy guide on the official forum. This deals with various possibilities for your error,hope that helps edit: also try: ERROR: 'Bad Serial Number Given on Setup' or 'Invalid or Missing Serial Number' SOLUTION 1: Close Steam, then run as administrator. Run ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead. SOLUTION 2: Delete a file called 'localconfig.vdf' in. Steam userdata # config The # is a series of digits that varies depending on your account. (If you've had multiple accounts active through your computer.) Restart Steam and run it as administrator.

SOLUTION 3: 1. Uninstall A2/A2:OA entirely. (Including the folders in registry.) 2. Run Steam as administrator and reinstall the games. WHY: (solution 1) Steam writes your serial numbers into your registry, but cannot do it if it doesn't have the rights to edit registry. Cosmoscape Sugizo Raritan. Running both games means that Steam will re-write both serial numbers for both games.

That way DayZ will work the next time you try to play it. Ok so I did some research and noticed that there werent many fixes to this problem and most people didn't even have an idea how it happened, so I deleted my games and started from scratch in search for this issue. Finally I got to the source and figuered out what causes it. Heres the explanation and how to avoid it and fix it. After receiving the bad serial number given at setup message I first tried the process to verify the entegrity of the game and every time there was an error and it said it would download the correct files, well this process just did not work. Then I did the exit Steam and start it back up as admin, no dice again.

Armed Assault Bad Serial Number Given In Setup

I changed the permission for the keys and that did not work. Fender Stratocaster Serial Number Z98 more. I then noticed the files were missing from the 'wow6432Node' folder so my problem was extensive. After hours and hours of trial and error and even reinstalling Windows over again, I found the cause of this 'pesky' problem everyone is having.

Here's how its caused. If you happen to delete you computers hard drive information because of maybe a virus, or upgrading your windows, or maybe you purchased a new computer and need to reinstall your steam games again. Avoid downloading multiple games at once. When you download the game Arma 2 (for example) steam starts the download, but when you click on to download the other games like the operation arrow head, it pauses Arma2 and starts downloading operation arrow head. So now you have Arma2 paused and Arrowhead downloading. As soon as one is finished the other starts back up.