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The use of AR missiles for the suppression (and destruction) of enemy air defense (SEAD / DEAD) can finally be realized. Real Life SEAD missions are employed where Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) can hamper air action. DEAD missions are specifically tailored to eliminate the IADS threat in an area. These so-called Wild Weasel missions are called when pilots deliberately put themselves into the IADS defense envelope, in the hopes that an engagement will reveal the IADS threat. The AR missiles are tailored to home in on the enemy radar emitters that control the SAM missiles in order to destroy the emitter and surrounding support equipment. In-game use: ------------- ARM functionality is governed by a series of scripts that create action items for correctly equipped aircraft.

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See the Guide for details. NEW functionality in v2.6 - in order to address the instant loss of target lock due to view distance settings, the ARM missile ELS DETECT action will now automatically fire an ARM if you have it selected as the current weapon. If you select any other type of weapon, the ELS DETECT action can still be used to detect and target any radar threats. The order of ARM use is simple: 1. Use the 'ARM - Activate ELS' action. SHORTCUT: AutoHover 2.

IF the ELS locates a target, the next action will be: 'ARM - Indirect Fire Mode'. SHORTCUT: AutoHoverCancel It really is that simple. RangeMaster SEAD and DEAD aircraft are pre-equipped with all the necessary code to make this work! Use a RangeMaster SEAD aircraft and enjoy.

The Guide explains how to add this to other non-RangeMaster vehicles.:) ALARM LOITER MODE -------------------------- NEW in v2. Free Crack Photoshop Cs3. 6! Loiter mode is unique to the British ALARM missile, and is a secondary method to use the missile. LOITER mode is used by selecting ALARM, and selecting the 'ARM - Indirect Fire Mode' (SHORTCUT: AutoHoverCancel).

This will launch the missile to about 40,000 feet (12km) and the missile will deploy a chute and begin a slow fall to the ground. While descending, the passive seeker will wait for an enemy radar to activate. If it detects it, the missile will discard the chute and fall under gravity toward the target. This is incredibly useful for any radar threats that may not be detectable if the radar is not currently active. Loiter engagement range in Real Life is about 50km.

In-game, the range is about 25km. In-game engagement times for the Loiter mode will be about 1-1.5 minutes total. The aircraft will receive updates from the ALARM missile telemetry, via vehicle chat. The ALARM will also add a marker to the map where the radar threat is detected, so pilots will be aware of the detected site.

The SEAD are equipped with one of the following weapons: EB_AGM45_Launcher == The AGM-45 Shrike, as used by US forces in the 1960's, and subsequently by other countries since (e.g. Israel, etc). EB_AGM88_Launcher == The AGM-88 HARM, which has become the 'standard' AR missile used by NATO forces and many other countries. EB_AGM122_Launcher == AGM-122 Sidearm, the helicopter-capable ARM system based on the AIM-9 Sidewinder.

EB_KH25MP_Launcher == Kh-25MP (NATO: AS-12), a standard AR Missile. Modernized version simulated. EB_KH15P_Launcher == Kh-15 (NATO: AS-16), a high speed shorter-range ARM. EB_KH31_Launcher == Kh-31 (NATO: AS-17), a long-range ramjet-based ARM. Pook_ALARM_Launcher == ALARM.

The BAF 'standard' AR Missile up to present day. Only direct-fire mode is available in v2.0 release. 'Loiter' mode is planned for a future release. AR Missile Indirect Fire Mode: CHANGELOG. Nice to see some close-range AA assets, that's what is needed most among air defence stuff in Arma scales.