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Contents • • • • • • • • • • • Character introduction [ ] Within the novels, Richard's primary role is as one of the primary love interests of the series heroine,. Explanation of the character's name [ ] Appropriately for a wolf king, Richard seems to have been named with kingship in mind. Download Nsf Iso Registration Companies. Both his given name and his middle name are based in Germanic roots relating to kingship. Translates to 'strong ruler' or 'brave leader,' while is Germanic for 'everybody's ruler.' Richard's surname does not appear to have any obvious significance, as 'Zeeman' is a Dutch surname meaning a sailor or a person who lives near a body of water.

However, it could be interpreted as a reference to the last letter of the, Z (with 'Zeeman' as 'Z-man'), perhaps to highlight that the educated, compassionate, and naive Richard is the 'last' person one would expect to be a powerful Ulfric. [ ] Character sketch [ ] Summary [ ] Richard Alaric Zeeman stands at six feet and one inches, with brown hair, brown eyes, and what Anita describes as disturbingly perfect good looks. He became (King) of the ('Rock Throne') pack of after killing, the previous Ulfric. Richard holds a degree in preternatural biology and is working on a Master's degree part-time. He has a day job as a junior high school science teacher. He is very closeted about his for fear of losing his job.

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Anita Blake The Killing Dance Pdf Converter

Richard was boyfriend in earlier books, her one-time fiance, and is still her on again, off again lover. Together with, Richard is a member of Anita's first. Powers & Abilities [ ] Richard is an extremely powerful. His general werewolf abilities include superhuman strength, speed, endurance, healing, agility, and senses (able to smell the emotional state of humans and ), but to levels far superior to those of modern werewolves. Even prior to forming a triumvirate with Anita and Jean-Claude, Richard was one of the most powerful shapeshifters shown in the novels. (However, his inner turmoil frequently prevents him from making effective use of this power). He has the power to conceal his nature from Anita, and lifts weights and studies martial arts in an effort to be able to engage in pack fights without using deadly force.

Anita Blake The Killing Dance Pdf Converter

His 'beast' is extraordinarily strong, and Richard can often control other shapeshifters' changing by his raw power. He is one of the few shapeshifters able to partially shapeshift. Richard also has the extremely rare ability to 'feed the pack' - sharing some of his magical power by feeding his own blood to pack members.

Character [ ] Richard is one of the most complicated and fully developed characters of the novel. In many ways, his resistance to his own supernatural nature parallels Anita's resistance in the early novels. If Jean-Claude and represent the side of Anita that fully accepts her 'darker nature,' then Richard represents the side that cannot accept it. Richard has several character traits, most of which manifest as an obstruction to Anita and Jean-Claude's plans.

• Anita describes Richard as a 'boy scout.' Although serving as Ulfric and his relationship with Anita and Jean-Claude have lessened this characteristic, Richard is basically kind and polite, and tends to assume the best of people. • Despite his 'boy scout' nature, Richard has a darker side. Both he and 'his beast' are excited and aroused by violence and pain.

Although Anita has encouraged him to accept his nature, Richard is deeply threatened by this aspect of himself, and blames 'his beast' for those urges. • As befits an alpha wolf, Richard is fiercely independent. He strongly resents, and usually blocks, anything that he sees as an attempt by Jean-Claude or Anita to assume unwarranted dominance over the wolves in his pack, or to assume a dominant position over him personally.