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Nov 16, 2017 namaste dosto Aaj Main Ishq video mein Sony Tv Pe Nahi serial Aane wali hai Jiska naam 'Porus' hey. Uske actors ki real name and age batayi hai.

Remember ‘Akashadoothu' (1993), the heart-rending tale of four orphaned children that made Kerala weep? Now ‘Akashadoothu' makes a comeback, not on the silver screen, but as a mega serial! Catch up on the lives of the four children in this sequel to the cult movie, which will go on air on Surya TV soon. This television-meets-cinema sequel is perhaps a-first-of-its-kind in India, though it's been done before in the West – ‘The Prisoner,' ‘The Highlander' and ‘The Day of the Triffids,' and so on, being some examples.

Sixteen years later Produced by M. Ranjith under the banner of Rajaputra Visual Media and directed by Aadithyan, the story takes off exactly 16 years after we saw the children going their separate ways after the funeral of their mother. Monu, the youngest of the four, was but a baby when he was given up for adoption by his terminally ill and widowed mother.

He does not remember his parents or siblings. The serial begins with Monu's birthday celebrations and a startling revelation thereafter.

It's been a long and tough road for the serial's producer-director duo. Aadithyan and Ranjith are happy that three years of hard work and waiting have paid off. For Aadithyan, it has been a real task to find the right combination that would make the idea work. Adds Ranjith: “Our quest was to find an innovative and appealing theme for a new mega serial and the idea of a sequel to a popular film caught our imagination. It helped that Aadithyan already had the rights to a sequel to ‘Akashadoothu.' But then the project met with one road-block after the other; for example, the deaths of actors such as Aranmula Ponnamma who were part of the film.” The film was directed by Sibi Malayil and scripted by Dennis Joseph. The script for the serial is by Santhosh Echikkanam, and the story is being developed around a query on how the promises to the dead mother (essayed in the film by actor Madhavi) are being honoured by the four families who adopted the children.

The mother, Annie, had made the families promise that they would bring the children together on the death anniversary of their father (essayed in the film by Murali). “We have tried to give the visualisation a cinematic effect to make it more enjoyable,” says Ranjith. “The earlier story is a strong point, which we have used to recreate the mood. We do not have an exact number of episodes in mind yet, but it is a mega serial and we do have the stories of four children to explore,” adds Aadithyan. In a bid to recreate the mood of the film, two of its songs – ‘Kattile Mynaye Pattu Padippichatharu' and ‘Rappadi Kezhunnuvo' are also being used in the serial. Now, there is a natural curiosity about actors enacting these well-loved characters, isn't there?

“A good combination of big– and small-screen actors are part of the serial. Chippy has been cast in the role of the eldest sibling, who has a lot of memories about her real family. Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Josephson Pdf To Word. The other artistes are K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Sukumari, Vanitha, Seema G. Nair, Prem Prakash, Rasheed, to name a few. There is an overwhelming anticipation regarding the serial and I have spoken to many artistes who are eager to be a part of this endeavour,” says Aadithyan.

The biggest challenge of such a project is perhaps dealing with the expectations of the audience, owing to the fact that there is a certain amount of goodwill that's already in place for the film. Ranjith seems to be fully prepared for this. “We are not planning to stretch the story beyond its saturation point.

The story will be given a judicious and fair run.” Looks like ‘Akashadoothu' has a few promises to keep.